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Daniel Thornhill second at British Youth Nationals

Daniel Thornhill second at British Youth Nationals

Dan - Image by Ray Chuss

Friday evening sent us on a long trip to Salters Lane, Lincolnshire. On arriving the track had been prepared well and was ready for the overnights rain.

Qualifying was slightly muddy and took some dialling in but I eventually took my Grittenham/Meredith Suzuki 250 to qualify 4th.

With fourth gate pick for race gave me a wide opportunity, but unfortunately span off the start, and got to the first corner nearer to the back of the pack, with the bad start I had to push hard all race to climb myself back up to 6th place.

Race 2 was much better, had a good start within the top 5 and set on heading forward, made a few passes and managed to make my way into the lead to win the race.

Race 3 and again had a good start within the top 5 pushing all race long to secure a solid second position.

After an early night, Sunday arrived the track had been well prepared again, and there were a lot more lines; a lot different to Saturday.

Race 4; on Sunday morning was again good capturing another good start and scoring another second position.

Race 5 and the final race of the weekend, had another good start pushing in second position for the lead before ending with a 3 way fight for the lead with James Harrison and Liam Garland.

Unfortunately there was a red flag and the race stood at the half way stage which gave me another good result in second place, for a good second overall.

Overall Results for the weekends:
1. James Harrison
2. Dan Thornhill
3. Liam Garland


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