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Coventry Junior Motocross club - Airfield Farm Report

Coventry Junior Motocross club - Airfield Farm Report

The threat of rain hung in the air at the Coventry Junior Motocross club’s championship round at Airfield farm, but it wouldn’t have been totally unwelcome as the dust flew on another great day of racing. With a decent line-up in all groups the day was bound to provide some close racing, which indeed it did. All Auto riders received a trophy and so did the top three riders in juniors – seniors. Prize money went to the top three riders in AMX and Open.

Out first were the Small Wheels 85s and the top three riders of the class were having some great races. First race and Kyde Marlow kept his cool to hold of the chasing two, Richie Martin in second and Mitch Warhurst in third. Race two and again Kyde was quick off the start to take another race victory, this time with Mitch pushing through to second ahead of Richie. The final race and Mitch was on a role as snatched the race win ahead of Kyde, with Richie again holding on well in third place.  Overall Kyde took the win, with Mitch second and Richie third.

Next were the juniors and again everyone was looking to the top three riders as they battled to the end. Lewis Huckerby was flying in races one and two to take the victory ahead of Callum Green in second and Jack Wankling in third. The final race and Jack had an awesome ride to take the race victory, with Callum again applying pressure in second and Lewis keeping pace in third. Lewis took the overall victory, with Callum second and Jack third.

The Autos took to the track and Harrison McCann was unstoppable as he took three fantastic race wins. Harry Ingram was also on top form, riding well to keep himself in close contention to come in second in all three races. Tristan Rowicki had a superb first race to take third, however Jack Ryan fired himself of the start to get the hole-shot in race two, giving him a boost he needed to come in third in races two and three, and also third overall.

Josh Spinks was racing himself in the Open class as he took straight to the front of the pack for three race wins. Brad O’Leary was first to follow him over the line in race one as he fought his way into second ahead of Ben Huckerby, who had a brilliant ride in third. Race two and Shaun Cole got his head into action as he stormed into second place ahead of Brad in third. The final race and again Shaun was riding well as he took another second place, this time James Gordon worked his way into a well ridden third place. Overall Brad took second with James third. Mark O’Callaghan and Jack Ratcliffe were also having some great races a little further down the field, with Mark riding a very determined three races.

Scott Hambridge was another rider to be on fine form as he rode three great races at the head of the AMX. Nathan Buckland was the second place rider in race one, holding off a chasing Brad Doyle in third. Race two and Brad kicked it up a gear to take second place, with Nathan doing well to come in third despite the attack of a wasp. The final race and Nathan again had a nice ride to take second place with Brad also doing well to overcome the dusty conditions in third. Overall Nathan took second and Brad third.

Seniors were the penultimate group out and Jamie Scott dominated the class with three impressive straight wins. Jake Lord did well to battle his way into second for all three races and second overall. It was a great day in general for the O’Callaghan family as Danny rode brilliantly to finish with three third place positions and third overall. Also riding his best race of the year was Jac Kearsley, who finished the day fourth.

The final group out were the Big Wheel 85s and Oli Benton rode first-rate as he succeeded in all three race wins. Rob Wilson also had an outstanding ride to take three second places, fighting off Jack Geary who fought hard to keep up the pace in third for all three races.

Congratulations to Richie Martin, who caught the chairman’s eye with his outstanding riding and achieved the rider of the day award. Also best wishes to Justin Plenty after an unfortunate crash in race one put him out of contention. It was a great day of racing and looking forward to the next.



  1. Harrison McCann
  2. Harry Ingram
  3. Jack Ryan
  4. Tristan Rowicki
  5. Wayne Hill
  6. Jude Taylor


  1. Lewis Huckerby
  2. Callum Green
  3. Jack Wankling
  4. Aaron Patstone
  5. Harrison Arnold
  6. Kieran Ryan

Small Wheel 85s:

  1. Kyde Marlow
  2. Mitch Warhurst
  3. Richie Martin
  4. Dillon Fitzpatrick
  5. Cameron McCann
  6. JC Verdugo

Big Wheel 85s:

  1. Oli Benton
  2. Rob Wilson
  3. Jack Geary
  4. Cory Green
  5. Ryan Prue
  6. Luke Wade


  1. Jamie Scott
  2. Jake Lord
  3. Danny O’Callaghan
  4. Jac Kearsley
  5. Aaron Nicholls
  6. Warrick Gibbs


  1. Scott Hambridge
  2. Nathan Buckland
  3. Brad Doyle
  4. Kip Bates
  5. Karl Jacques
  6. Todd Bucknall


  1. Josh Spinks
  2. Brad O’Leary
  3. James Gordon
  4. Jack Ratcliffe
  5. Tom Hambridge
  6. Paul Longford

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