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Cornwall schoolboy scramble club hosted a 2 day club champs event on saturday and sunday,23rd and 24th july,with all six races counting towards the 2011 summer championship.
Truthen Farm was the chosen venue for the event,And with the track running backwords,With a table top,Triple,and double whoops,The track made for some fantastic racing throughout the weekend for all compettiors in all six disciplines.

Amx open was the first class to race and kick start the weekend.Race one was underway with Darren Toy maxing out to take the holeshot.Truthen farm fan Sean Browning was on top form as expected hunting down Darren toy hard in the early stages of the Moto.Josh Evans was competing well and was holding strong upfront in third.After a poor start from one of the better riders of the pack,Bradley Maddever pushed up to third a few laps into the opening race event.4th lap saw Sean Browning topping the pace hanging on the back of Darren Toys rear fender.Brad Maddever got challanged for third in the closing stages of the race whilst Sean Browning claimed the first race win a brilliant start to the weekend.After a superb race win in moto one,Sean Browning charged out the gates with full confidence and smashed the holeshot.Bradley Maddever had a much better start this moto round,Whilst Darren Toy was abscent from the line and the rest of the weekend’s racing due to bike problems.Sean Browning took the race win with ease,growing his confidence furthur.The final amx open race of the first day was underway with unbeaten Sean Browning claiming the race holeshot for the second time.A great pace was held from Browning , But talented Brad Maddever was showing spectaculer speed up front leading the race for sometime.At mid point of the race Sean Browning steped up his game,and went on to take victory winning all three moto’s on saturday. The second day was soon upon the racers,A couple different riders attended the second day,But also a couple riders that had attended the first day , were abscent for the second which shock up the points standings for some compettiors.After a dominent first days racing , Sean Browning remained to conoquour the class as he took the fourth moto win,on sundays opening amx open race.Bradley maddever had a solid ride taking second ahead of Tom Brown in third,Whilst Daniel Gilbert Calimed fourth spot hounours.
The second moto of the day saw Sean Browning snap up another 45 points towards his summer championship score board taking another race win ahead of,Tom Brown,Wayne Back,And Dan Gilbert.
After five fantastic races had by everyone competting over the two days,the final race of the day saw Sean Browning claim overall dominence throughout taking another race win this time ahead of , Brad Maddever ,Wayne Back,And Tom Brown.

Hard faught and extreme paced racing was shown within the seniors class throughout the weekend despite a low entry of riders on both days.
The first race of the weekend was underway with Stuart Smith charging up the start straight.
Maverick Smith had a brilliant start and was top two stroker in the pack.
After a good pace being held, Alex Hockey was seen take an unfortunate fall on the opening lap of the race.
Whilst Josh Taylor gets better of holeshotter Stuart Smith for the race Lead.
Lap two saw Maverick Smith riding strongly with the company of Jack Blackburn charging for the third place Maverick was in.
Stuart Smith and Josh Taylor were racing tight throughout the whole of the track,With barely seconds beetween there lap times,The battle was strong,And after fighting back lap after lap,Stuart Smith made a mistake on one of the tracks hills,Allowing Josh Taylor time to cool from the pressures.Jack Blackburn flew round the berm of the hill where Stuart went down,With Stuart on his Sights Jack charges beside And Trys to smash in the inside line in the upcoming corner,With no gap avaliable Jack clips in to Stuart and Jack Falls down hard,Whilst Stuart does well to keep it on two wheels.Josh Taylor kept his cool out front from the maximum pressure Stuart gave and deserveingly won the opening Moto,With Stuart claiming second respectively. The second race of the day was soon underway and the excitement and determination shown from the top two competitiors, Josh Taylor And Stuart Smith,Carried on after the race began with Stuart Smith smashing the holeshot for early advantages over Taylor.
Lawrence Harper had a superb start and was seen racing fantasticly in third,With again top two stroker and recently improving,Maverick Smith hanging on in fourth. Alex Hockeys first lap went bad as it did in the opening moto,with another unfortunate fall dropping him last remounting almost a lap down from the rest of the compettiors. Stuart Smith and Josh Taylor were charging at the front of the pack at incredible speeds with both riders showing no sense of Fear.The racing got more epic as the race continued and despite plastics of there bike coming in contact both riders kept the racing clean and fair.Cameron Young was having a brilliant race showing fantastic style abroad his YZ125 choice of weapon.Stuart Smith took the chequred flag with Josh Taylor taking second this time round.
Saturdays final seniors moto saw,Josh Taylor secure the race holeshot,Whilst Ross Johns had a poor start and was seen down the field.
Maverick Smith was abscent from the race due to bike problems that left him unable to compete on sunday.
Alex Hockey was on top form wich was brilliant to see after bad luck in the previouse two races.
Cameron Young was having another great ride battling on strong With Callum Mallabar who was also competing at a good standard.
Ralph White was having a great ride shredding the tracks dust berms lap by lap. After another battle with Josh Taylor,Stuart Smith took charge out front and went on to take another race win.Whilst Cameron Young gets the better and the extra point ahead of Callum Mallabar.Sundays events were upon the riders,A small class of just 11 seniors battled out for much needed championship points.
The first moto was started with Dan Hocking getting the edge for the race holeshot.Josh Taylor soon took to the lead on a good form.
Josh Later loses the lead to Stuart in one of the courses tight bends,But fights back on the closing stages of the race,re claiming the lead with just two laps to go.Both riders Josh And Stuart raced to maxximum to the flag,Despite looking to have the edge for the race win,Josh Lost his lead and the race win to Stuart half a lap into the final lap.Cameron Young And Callum Mallaber were in a hot pursuited battles, down the finishing straight both riders were hitting the power bands on their 125’s side beside,But it was Callum Mallaber that got the edge and the extra point as the Finishing flag flew.
Another great race was had throughout the pack,Sam Fogarty was having another solid ride furthur down the field.Whilst Stuart And Josh Lead the pack,With Stuart taking another race win.Josh Taylor took another repectible second whilst Alex Hockey secured third.
The gates dropped for the final race of the day and Alex Hockey claimed the holeshot.Alex Hockey had the ride of his life and was racing on maxximumm form,keeping Stuart Smith behind up the front of the pack.Alex Kept his cool from Stuarts pressures from start to finish And succeded in taking the final race win of the weekend.

The Big Wheel 85cc devision saw some fantastic racing throughout the pack, with Current 2011 points leader Dean Symons topping up his points lead.
The opening Big wheel 85cc moto soon took place after some good raceing from the other classes.
The gates dropped with Dean Symons securing the race holeshot abroad his 2011 KTM 85.
Dean was on his usual dominent form and checked out quickly in the early laps of the race.
Dan Furse was having a great ride battling for second spot hounours with Alistair Gwennapp who was top CRF150F competitor.
Dan and Alistair raced and battled strong amongst each other but dan later gets the better of Alistair and pulls a good gap over the 150F machine with a clear track ahead of him.
Dan Foster was having a great ride and pushed up threw the pack well,Whilst Kawsaki mounted Connor Libby was riding to a good standard.
Dean Took the race win,With raceing buddy Daniel Furse taking second,Whilst Alistair Gwennap claimed third.
The second moto saw Dan Foster claim the holeshot from a wide gate pick.Dean Also had a great start and with his inside line gate pick it was dean that was out the corner first charging for another race win.
Alistair Gwennapp was doing good in fourth but went down seeing him dead last with loads of work to do if hes to grab himself important championship points.Jack Conway Baker was seen having a strong ride mixing it up with many of the other riders.Whilst Eddie Corker was back to his old form having a brilliant race.
Dean Took the race win with Dan Furse Securing second,With Kane Colsell uping his game for third.
Saturdays final big wheel class moto took place with Dean Symons securing the race holeshot.Dean Pulled a huge gap in the opening few laps remaining untouchable on his way to another straight forward race win. Dan Furse was having another brilliant ride and despite being off Deans pace.Dan was Deans closest competition.A strong fight for third was had beetween,Alistair Gwennapp,Dan Foster and Kane colsell.The final flag flew for Dean Symons and despite looking to secure second,Dan Furse came down on the final lap dropping three places down losing them to the battling trio.Sunday Saw The brilliant Josh Gilbert attend to the meeting,The first moto was underway with Josh Gilbert taking the race holeshot getting the edge over,Dan Foster and Dean Symons who both had brilliant starts.Dean symons did his very best to hold the pace of josh Gilberts but failed to as Josh Checked out on his way to sundays opening moto race win.The big wheel division race was underway with Josh Gilbert taking the race holeshot just inches ahead of Dean Symons who right from the gates dropping,Set his mind on taking a win over Gilbert.Dean Held on to the rear fender of Josh and stepped up his game and managed to make a pass,and a strong battle was soon underway with the two riders battling side by side.Josh Gilbert felt the pressure of Dean Symons leading in cool style.And along with dispuited Bike issues Josh Gilbert came up short over the tracks triple jump coming of heavy Luckily escaping any seriouse injury.Dean Symons proved his dominence in the class,Taking the race win.
The final race of the day was underway with Josh Gilbert being abscent from the start after his unfortunate and nasty crash in the previouse moto.Dean Symons took an easy race win to finish the weekend securing overall victory on both days.

The gates dropped for the smaller compettiors of the small wheel 85cc class,With Jack Roberts taking the race holeshot.
Jack Checked out strong up front abroad the CRF150F,With Joe Eiffert holding a strong second spot.
Fast in the corners Little Aiden Williams powerd round the circuit holding a brilliant pace in third ahead of Lucy Calvert.
Whilst Joe Hart Gets the better of Sam Johns at the back of the pack.
Jack Roberts takes the opening moto race win,With Joe taking second spot honours.
After a great first race win,Jack Roberts secures the second race holeshot for early race advantages.Jack holds another pace hanging out front with great style,Whilst RM85CC mounted Joe Eiffert does best to keep in touch.
Aiden Williams had a great start to the moto and was riding strong but falls down from third,having to work up the pack.
Whilst Joe Hart and Sam Johns have another battle of there own with nither rider backing down.
Jack Roberts takes another race win with Joe Eiffert taking second once more.
Saturdays final small wheel division race took place with Jack up front right from the start checking out to the finishing flag for another 45 Points towards his championship score board and taking overall victory.
The second days opening small wheel moto saw Jack Roberts holeshot again.Joe Eiffert was seen having another strong race.Whilst new comer Luke Walters attacked the track well for his first ever motocross event.
Jack Roberts took the race win ahead of Joe Eiffert,and Aiden Williams.
Jack roberts was off to a great start once more as the second race was underway with him taking another race holeshot.
Joe Eiffert and Aiden Williams were racing fantastically battling it out beetween themselves for second/third.
Whilst Zac Hudson was on great form again hanging in fifth pressuring Alfie Crocker for fourth.
Jack Roberts again took the race win continuing to be untouchable to his competitors.
The final race was soon underway after 5 fantastic races for all.The gates dropped with Roberts taking the holeshot after smashing the start once again.
Bib rider Luke Walters continued to get quicker looking to be enjoying the truthen farm circuit.
Jack Roberts took the race win once more dominating the class over all six races.

Some great racing was displayed throughout the weekend by the young Junior 65cc cadets.
The opening moto took place with Henry Bees tearing up the start straight in great speed claiming the first race holeshot.Henry raced well holding strong speed at all elements of the track.Dan Roberts and Todd Sawyer was on good form having a battle for second place in close company with Thomas Andrews who was all on top form.Henry Checked out from the pack whilst the other racers battled it out.Henry secured the opening moto win after a good strong ride.The second race was underway with race one winner Henry Claiming the holeshot.
Dan Roberts was riding great hanging in to the back of Henry for the early stages.Henry Kept cool and kept a strong pace and went to take another race win taking 45 more points to the 2011 championship score board.
Saturdays final junior 65cc race was soon underway.Currently undeafted Henry Bees had another good start and went on to pull a good lead being unchallanged from the other compettiors as Henry put the final race win under his belt.
Sundays events were soon to take place.The first junior 65cc division race was unleashed with Henry Bees taking the holeshot with Dan Roberts in close contact.Thomas Andrews and Todd Sawyer also had a great starts to the race.Henry Bees holds on to the lead well with Dan Roberts holding second.By the third lap of the race,Todd Sawyer and Thomas Andrew start to pull up to Dan Roberts pace whilst they battle for second.In the later stages Todd Sawyer Flys past Thomas Andrews for third over the tracks table top.Henry took the race win.Whilst a great ride secured Dan Roberts second.With Todd Sawyer taking third spot honours.
The gates dropped for the second moto of the second day.An immense start saw Morgan Timms take a superb race holeshot.Whilst Henry Bees had an unfortunate bad start.End of the first lap saw Dan Roberts leading the pack with Todd Sawyer hunting him down in second. The chequered flag was later flying and this time it was Dan Roberts to take it whilst Henry Bees claimed second after coming up threw the pack from a misfortunate start.And a great ride saw Todd Sawyer take stylish riding to third spot honours.
The final race of the weekend saw Henry bees take the race holeshot going on to take another race win.Taking five out of six moto wins,Henry had a great weekends racing securing first overall on both days.

Some talented riding shown threw from the auto pilots.
The opening moto took place with Archie Bees taking a solid race holeshot.Whilst Jason down was seen within the pack back from a recent broken arm injury.Holeshotter Archie had a great ride threwout the opening moto going on take the race win ahead of Louie Kessell.
The second race was underway with Archie taking another strong holeshot along with early race advantages.Archie races on maxximumm form from start to finish taking the second race win again ahead of Louie Kessell whos best efforts fell short on Archies pace.
Saturdays final race saw Louie Kessell top his form running a strong pace leading Archie Bees.Louie Continues to ride strongly despite taking high pressures from Archie.Louie Keeps his cool till the end and takes the race win ahead of Archie who had to settle for second respecitively.Sundays events was soon upon the young racers.With the fourth race soon underway.After getting quicker each race on saturday.Jason Down stormed out the gates with confidence in sundays opener taking the race holeshot. Louie Kessel was racing well and took to the lead within half a lap.Whilst top man on saturday,Archie Bees rides second after coming up the pack from a poor start.
Archie starts to real in Louie Kessell in the later stages of the race despite his bike souding bad.Archie trys but fails to take the lead as the bike breaks down on the final lap of the race. Louie secures the race win with Connor Jago taking second ahead of third spot Lewis Wiltshire.
The gates dropped for the fifth automatic division race.By the end of the opening lap it was Archie Bees that was leading the pack out front.Jason Down was having a fantastic but lonely ride in a safe third spot.Whilst Bib riders Jake Johns and Peter harris Battle for final postion points.
The flag flys soon after for Louie Kessell who takes the race win.Despite leading for some time Archie is left settling for second ahead of Jason Down.
The final race saw Archie Bees secure the holeshot,Followed by younger brother George who had a brilliant start.Great rides was had by everyone throughout the pack.When the flag flew it was Archie Bees that took the race win.But it was Louie Kessell who secured second who took sundays overall victory.

The club would like to thank everyone for there inputs over the weekend and hopes to see everyone on 7th august.Venue to be arranged visit for details.















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