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Cornish delight as round 2 kicks into action

Cornish delight as round 2 kicks into action

With the unfortunate cancellation for round 1, Round 2 at fraddon moto park on february 26th became the cornwall schoolboy scramble club 2012 season opener. With rainfull in the week leading up to the meeting and some good preparation The track had several line choices And some big ruts and by lunch time the track couldent have been better despite coming a bit ruff in area’s.

Amx and amx open classed racers competed together for the day.Johnny Hawkins had an unbeatable first in the opening race of the meeting In the Amx division with Mark Lanceley making a stand taking second.2011 champion,Mark Calcutt took sixth ahead of Bradley Bolitho. Sam Chapman claimed the first race win for the Open catagory ahead of 2 stroker Darren Toy. Recent upgrader from seniors And now aboard a 2 stroke KTM.Stuart Smith showed hes adapting well to the changes and took a brilliant fourth.

Whilst Stefan Kent took thirteenth.The Gates drop to the floor with the amx and open riders charging as race two was underway. Sam Chapman appeared to claim the race holeshot Being the first rider to fly over the doubles after the sand section.Stefan Kent was seen abroad His daughters,Ktm 85cc small wheel machine,After his Ktm 350F had to be left in the pits with a flat battery. Darren Toy was back on top form as top 2 stroker within the pack.Liam Curtis Stevens was on good form After unfortunate injurys towards end of 2011.

In the mid stages of the race Stefan Kent aboard the Small wheel 85cc goes over a jump , With two lapping rider flying side by side of him, Darren Toy with out making any fault of his own landed on the top Of Stefan Kent, But with pure luck both riders remained unharmed.Johnny Hawkins after a brilliant first race win , was riding perfectly and mistake free as expected from the expereinced rider. Super fast Sam Chapman was having a brilliant race and was coming up through the lappers within the third lap of the event.Ever improving Ashley Monks was having a superb ride abroad his YZ125.

Johnny Hawkins claimed the AMX race win wants more,Whilst one of his workers At hawkins motors,Alex Hockey claimed second.2011 champion Mark Calcutt upt his game and came in taking third.Lisa Milward had abrilliant ride from gate to flag and took Eigth.Sam Chapman came on top of the open rankings as expected,Despite a smashing ride from Daniel Whyatt who claimed a well respectable second and top lap time.Whilst Chester Blair took tenth ahead of eleventh James Woodford.

The final race was soon kicking off after Sam Chapman again took the race holeshot.After taking the fastest lap time in the second moto,Dan whyatt was on top form and this time Challenging Sam Chapman for the lead given Sam heaps of pressure.Whyatt later takes to the lead deservingly. But Sam Chapman eagerly fights back and charges back past leading once again.Sam Then ups his game and pulls ahead.

Whilst Stuart Smith battles hard with Johnny Hawkins the pair switch leads beetween them selves several times.
Back markers latter play a part in the pairs Hard fought battle.
Whilst Vince Thorpe Looks on better form.
Wayne Slater finds himself in the dirt not for the first time of the day Again on another corner.
Johnny Hawkins claimed the race win once again Taking the overall for the amx division.
Whilst Sam Chapman takes the open class overall.

A strong line up of seniors compettiors came to fraddon moto park in hopes for a action packed days racing,No one was dissapointed.

The opening race saw Josh Taylor compete in the lead in a dominant fashion abroad his new 2012 RMZ 250.
The top runners were running best lap times just seconds between showing the race was very competitive with no room for any mistakes. Josh Taylor dominantly took the opening race win. Second place was helped to be secured by a Pro Circuit engined KXF 250F with a solid ride by Jack Stevens.Maverick Smith had a good performance and took third.Whilst disadvantage of an older Bike proved to be no problem For Jack Gribble to run the pace,Taking a smashing fourth place to start the weekend. Whilst top of the two strokes , And also top of the big wheel 85cc upgraders,Dean Symons claimed fifth.Whilst battling furthur down the field Colt Bright paced the chequers in sixteenth.

Riders lined up to the gates for the second moto of the day , With Josh Taylor buzzing with confidence after his dominant Moto 1 result.The Gates dropped with Josh Taylor having the most perfect start taking the race holeshot with the rest of the field charging close.

Jack Gribble was showing good form right from the early stage hanging on to a solid fourth on Lap three.Maverick Smith and Jack Blackburn was having a hard fought battle That ended with Maverick getting the upper hand on the fifth lap.Whilst Dean Symons was on great form up the front of the pack abroad the 125 KTM. Josh Taylor remained absouloutly untouchable and remained out of anybodys league throughout the second moto Going on to take the Win more than deservingly.Whilst Alistair Gwennap and Sean Semmens had a real race of there own with Alistair taking the advantage result second time round giving them both every thing to fight for in there final race of the day.

After dominant performances in the first two Motos it was looking set for Josh Taylor to be completley out of everyones league once more,But one rider stepped up his game and for a few laps gave Taylor a real run for his money.Taylor Holeshot with another perfect start to the race but this time instead of emdiatly gapping from the group,Jack Gribble was on maximum form pushing real Pressure on to Taylor. Jack Pushes harder and harder and later manages to pass Josh In good form.Josh Taylor Kept his cool And his head in the game and re took the lead. Whilst Great riding from Will Hawkins saw him Get into third With upgrader Dean Symons screaming the 2 stroke 125 in fourth.

Josh Taylor took the final race win,second place was secured By Jack Gribble who also had the best lap of the race.Jack Blackburn had a good ride and took sixth. Whilst Alistair Gwennap took Twelth ahead of Dan Furse in thirteenth.
Josh Taylor Rightfully claimed the seniors Overall.

Eager youth riders for the Small wheel and the Big wheel 85cc divisions competed together for the weekends racing With a great mix of abilitied riders ,The racing was Competitive throughout the pack.

Talented Youth Rider Josh Gilbert attended the meeting and highly stood out to prove why he such a strong contender in bigger series such as the BYMX And the red bull Elite youth cup.

The opening race saw Josh Gilbert claim the 45 points. Joe Eiffert Recently upgraded to the big wheels and had a whole new learning curve taking the bars of a new Honda CRF150,Having already got to grips with the bike, Joe claimed second spot.After recent wins at the CMC motocross Meetings Zac Hudson showed Heaps and bounds of improvement in all areas of his riding And got the smashing result of third to prove it.Jake Curtis Stevens came on top of the small wheel rankings,Bagging the unbeatable 45 points in the opening moto of the day.Aidan williams took runner up spot respectively.Ever Improving Ethan Davies smashed threw the race taking third at the flag. Whilst Daniel Roberts claimed a solid eighth to start his weekends racing off.

The second moto for the big wheel and small wheel 85cc class saw Josh Glbert own the gates , taking the race holeshot.
Aidan Williams was up racing in good form riding top of the small wheelers.Whilst Zac Hudson was racing flat out having another fantastic ride on his KX85 Big wheel.Josh Gilbert was running perfect laps Faster than all the AMX riders and Just a few seconds of the top OPEN classed riders lap times Showing just how talented the Young rider is and was lapping the field by the third lap.Whilst Aidan Williams has to retire from third place After running out of fuel a real dissapointing result from a ride that was going on strong.Josh Gilberts strong laps saw Him right behind Second place running Joe Eiffert,Joe Eiffert decently jumped the tracks Main table top,To then Be flown over by Leader Josh Gilbert who lapped the whole pack taking the race win with Joe Eiffert taking second respectively. With Zac Hudson in third ahead of fourth spot Callan Stone.Another strong ride By Jake Curtis Stevens secured him another moto win.With No fuel left to finish the race Aidan was out the ranks. Helping Put Ethan Davies in a fantastic second place.Alfie crocker secured himself third. whilst improving strong,Kian Mayho took ninth.The final race was Holeshot By Josh Gilbert who again performed fantastically going on to take the Big wheel devision overall victory, whilst Jake Curtis Stevens claimed it for the Small wheel division.

With unfortunate low attendences for the Auto And Juniors classes,The young guns raced togetherd to Improve there days riding and to help keep a smooth running meeting.
Eleven hardcore competitors took to the lines for the opening race after some good racing throughout the pack from all riders.Louie Kessell came top of the Autos with a strong lap time ahead of Thomas Higman,Luke Woolgrove and Connor Jago.
Ryan Mundell topped the Junior division rankings Ahead of well riding Tyler Rowe,Followed By Sam Hunt who continues to stretch his improving streak.

The second race of for the youth riders was soon underway, Again louie kessel was having another strong ride with more solid lap times going on to take another race win.
After a slighlity dissapointing result in moto One,Connor Jago came back fighting taking second spot. Whilst Thomas Higman claimed third over fourth placed,Luke Woolgrove.
The Sixty five riders had another great race Tyler Rowe stepped up the pace and rightfully claimed first place,With race one winner Ryan Mundell claiming second.
Jason Down improved over his moto one result taking third.

Whilst newly upgraded from the auto class , Lewis Wiltshire took sixth ahead of Bradley Taylor in seventh.
The final race was underway with Ryan Mundell gateing perfectly to take the race holeshot and early advantages.Tyler Rowe was on good form up close With Mundell. Whilst abroad the Opie Oils Ktm machine,Sam Hunt was riding strongly in third hunting down the pair ahead.

Auto compeitor Louie Kessell was riding a class of his own being untouchable by his fellow competitors. whilst Thomas Higman,And Luke woolgrove chase on behind.

The finish flag flew for Ryan Mundell taking the overall victory in the 65cc devision.With Louie kessell doing the same dominating the Automatic riders a perfect start to the season.

Written By:Charlene Vernon
Photos By:Charlene Vernon







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