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Coaching Corner with Stuart Flockhart - A happy rider is a happy rider!

Coaching Corner with Stuart Flockhart - A happy rider is a happy rider!

Hi Guys, thanks for checking out our second Coaching Corner with FlockhartMX on MOTO!

In our first issue we recommended some of the most important areas you should be focusing your attention during Winter Preparation. We hope you were able to relate to some of these and include them into your plan for 2014.

As we are still quite a long way from the new season starting in the UK, we’re not going to get too technical on riding technique detail, however in issue 2 this month we’d like to focus on that general sense of happiness and good feeling we all strive for when out riding our MOTO.

Stuart Flockhart coaching

You’ve probably heard the Pro riders being interviewed before or after one of their main championship races and often we hear them say things like -
“I had a good feeling out on the track today”
“My rhythm just felt awesome out there and I could push 100% in that race”
“That race didn’t quite go to plan as my feeling wasn’t good”
“Today the bike was working amazing, it helped me relax and flow nicely in that race”

This good feeling I’m talking about is when you just feel like you, the bike and the track are all best buddies and everything is fitting together perfectly like a completed jigsaw!

I gave you pointers for some of the preparation aspects in the first article last month regarding yourself and your bike, but some of the other things involved when looking for good rhythm on the track would include the very basics of riding, such as – jumping well, cornering well, balanced body position, fast straights and strong braking.

I’ve now met so many different styles of riders through my years of Motocross Coaching, and of course we have to focus on appropriate riding technique and understanding how to circulate efficiently round each track we compete on, no matter what level of rider I am dealing with I always like to make sure the rider is feeling happy with their bike control and rhythm before I start pushing them too hard for more speed.

Some of you may have seen what I’ve been up to recently on my website and Facebook page, and noticed that we have some sick pics of a rad dude called Carlton Husband.

Carlton is already a great rider with good style and plenty aggression however he struggled on the 450 a little bit in 2013 and sometimes he was burning out too quick in a moto. He dropped back down to MX2 at the end of the season and since then we have focused on getting that good feeling back. At the moment he is really riding the bike with great flow and comes off the track with a happy smile every time. We aim to continue this through winter whilst we work on both longer moto’s to condition some consistency and also the shorter length sprint style riding moto’s to improve speed. Every time we’re out I just want him to enjoy his riding and make sure he is thinking about how to maintain this good rhythm.

shaun simpson and stuart flockhart

We were also fortunate last weekend to have a brilliant group training day at Coupar Angus with Shaun Simpson, who was running the most impressive flow around one of the most demanding circuits in the World when he was overall MX1 Grand Prix Winner at the final round this year in Lierop.

I have been chatting with Shaun a bit recently and have seen him riding his new HM Plant KTM in the last few weeks, he also has this good rhythm going just now and it sounds like he is very happy with his plans for next year. I wish him and all of you guys the very best for 2014.

So with all that in mind, here’s the end of my second column and interesting things that are important for guys you to think about.

I am very sure that if you have been working on our advice from the last column and now also find more flow while riding, you’re going to enjoy riding and feel in a more comfortable place to start pushing your speed.

carlton husband

If there’s anything else I can help you with please just message me up for more info.

Have a Great Christmas and New Year everyone, and til our next column in January, have fun and enjoy riding with plenty flow!!

Remember you can contact me at any time on my website, and you can find out more about my USA training trip which will take place in Jan/Feb 2014.

braaaapp … Stuart Flockhart

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