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The final round of CJMX winter series took place at Mallory Park over 200 riders attended. The track was in great condition and all riders had three superb races.

James Lassu had a flying start to the day with winning the first race and race three but unfortanatly with the DNF in the second race it lost him the overall win allowing Luke Meredith to take the win in race two and getting second overall. Shaun Taylor got the overall win in the open class who scored more points through all three races. Matthew williamson went home with third overall.

Full Flight Honda team rider Chuck Davies rode in fine style grabbing himself the win of the day, Followed closely by Luke Sanfilippo in second with Matt Hockenhull taking third.

Next out was a mixed group of AMX and Open riders, Sean Frayne dominated with winning all three races, Jack Bas got second in all three races, Lee Clarkson ended the day with third place.

Miller Plant team rider Emerson Jones took the overall win ahead of Danny Blair in second. Jack Gardner won race two and three but unfortanatly he only managed to get third.

Daniel Neale rode extremely well on his way to a maximum with winning three out of three races in the Big Wheels, Second went to Mitch Warhurst who rode superb infront of Oli Benton in third.

Howard Wainwright helped himself to the overall with getting a full set of towering wins. Nathan Harlow claimed second overall. third place Callum Green.

in the juniors all three races was won by three different riders, Dan Fisher won the first race and finnished second overall. Aaron Patstone who took the second win got 3rd. PVL RACING team rider Harrison Arnold had a great end to the day taking the last win which was his first ever race win in the juniors.

Last out were the Autos Ben Clarke battled his way up to the top spot with Harrison McCann who secured second place. Ashton Humphries rode superb taking the last spot on the podium.

Special Thank You to Rob and his staff for a brilliant meeting venue and we are looking forward to our 2day Meeting Return in june for the joint jubilee meeting with East Anglia.

Open: 1 Shaun Taylor, 2 Luke Meredith, 3 Matthew Williamson, 4 Harry Lawrence, 5 Scott Cooper, 6 Shaun Cole.

AMX: 1 Chuck Davies, 2 Luke Sanfilippo, 3 Matt Hockenhull, 4 Dean Hakes, 5 Chas Statt, 6 Craig Reynolds.

AMX/Open: 1 Sean Frayne, 2 Jack Bas, 3 Lee Clarkson, 4 Chris Brightmore, 5 George Winn, 6 Robert Wisehall.

Senior: 1 Emerson Jones, 2 Danny Blair, 3 Jack Gardner, 4 Ryan Warren, 5 Brody Knibbs, 6 Ryan Snaith.

Big Wheels: 1 Daniel Neale, 2 Mitch Warhurst, 3 Oli benton, 4 Tyrone Cleaver, 5 Luke Craig, 6 Ethan Humphries.

Small Wheels: 1 Howard Wainwright, 2 Nathan Harlow, 3 Callum Green, 4 Matt Brame, 5 JC Verdugo, 6 Ben Kind.

Juniors: 1 Elliot Humphries, 2 Dan Fisher, 3 Aaron Patstone, 4 Harrison Arnold, 5 Lee Percy, 6 Jacob Bell.

Autos: 1 Ben Clarke, 2 Harrison McCann, 3 Ashton Humphries, 4 Jude Taylor, 5 Harrison Boam, 6 Tristan Rowicki.

Winter Series Championship Results.

In the autos two VAMPIRES ROCK KTM team riders managed to get into the top 6 in the championship Jack Grayshon 1st Overall and Ozzie Murray 5th overall. Also Ben Clarke has rode superb in each winter round to get himself second.

James Hancomb got the top spot in the championship with PVL racing team rider getting 2nd Overall, Dan Fisher Claimed 3rd Overall.

Harry Wichman grabbed him the championship with 1st place, Daniel Van De Hoeven managed to get 2nd out of all the rounds.

in the Big Wheels Oli Benton has rode extremely well getting 1st overall in the championship, 2nd place Mitchell Warhurst has battled his way through the rounds getting him a great spot on the podium. 3rd place Josh Oates Also rode well throughout the series.

1st overall in the championship in the Seniors went to Gareth Artus who has rode excellent throughout winter series. Craig Barrow has had one of his best results yet with getting 2nd.

Full Flight Honda team rider Chuck Davies has got top spot on the podium getting 1st overall. Jake Lord has rode good throughout all the rounds of the CJMX winter series.

Shaun Taylor grabbed himself top spot on the podium, Followed by Scott Cooper 2nd place and Shaun Cole whos rode really well to get the 3rd spot on the podium.

Auto’s: 1 Jack Grayshon, 2 Ben Clarke, 3 Ashton Humphries, 4 Tyler Etheridge, 5 George Jones, 6 Ozzie Murray, 7 Tristan Rowicki.

Juniors: 1 James Hanscomb, 2 Harrison Arnold, 3 Dan Fisher, 4 Arron Patstone, 5 Jacob Bell, 6 Joshua Main, 7 Elliot Humphries, 8 Jack Ryan, 9 Tyrone Brown, 10 Lewis Thompson.

Small Wheels: 1 Harry Wichman, 2 Daniel Van De Hoeven, 3 Kieran Ryan, 4 Will Websterwall, 5 JC Verdugo, 6 Bradley Clarke, 7 Hayden Stevens, 8 Harry Flitcroft, Ethan Etheridge.

Big Wheels: 1 Oli Benton, 2 Mitchell Warhurst, 3 Josh Oates, 4 Harvey South, 5 Ethan Humphries, 6 Cory Green.

Seniors: 1 Gareth Artus, 2 Craig Barrow, 3 Robbie Hollis, 4 Curtis Blamey, 5 Jac Kearsley.

Open: 1 Shaun Taylor, 2 Scott Cooper, 3 Shaun Cole, 4 Brad Doyle, 5 James Lassu, 6 Adam Hayward, 7 Ashley Dabell, 8 Tom Hambridge, 9 Jack Ratcliffe, 10 Louise Powell.

AMX: 1 Chuck Davies, 2 Jake Lord, 3 Dean Hakes, 4 Carl Hayward, 5 Ben Hayward, 6 Dan Thornhill, 7 Matt Lavender, 8 Jonny Gallon.

Welldone to all that rode in the Winter Series Championship.

Report: Jemma Lavender
Photos: Jemma Mx Photos


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