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Charles Pagès making steady improvement

Charles Pagès making steady improvement

Great news coming from France is that Charles Pagès is awake from his coma after his horrific crash in Bercy two weeks.

His family has posted the following statement on the Pages brothers website.

“Once more we are so comforted by your messages of support and good wishes, it is for us (his brothers, his parents, his family and friends) such a help during these very long days. Of course, it won’t be possible to reply to them personally but be assured that as soon as Charly is up to it, we shall read them all to him!

Charles is still in intensive care. He is still extremely exhausted, but even so, today with great effort, he finally managed to open his eyes and say a few words….This is a good start, which we hope to see confirmed in the next few days as it would enable him to be moved to the general ward.”

Pagès family


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