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Chaos in Mexico as riders refuse to ride

Chaos in Mexico as riders refuse to ride

Certainly not the best advert for the GP of Mexico or the sport of motocross as some of the best riders on the planet refused to race Saturdays qualifying races in both MX1 and MX2.

Quite right so if riders think a track is too dangerous to ride then they shouldn’t, unfortunately at the cost of 3000 bucks each which is a tad unfair for thinking about their own safety.

Tortelli had his say afterwards, “The riders took a decision not to race as a group, so it was their choice. I think the track was not as bad as they were saying. We are all professionals and I think that was not an entire professional choice, we’ve been working really hard to organize this GP and it is one of the best tracks in Mexico in these days. In the end it’s a question of communication, if they don’t want to race I can understand, but we need to find a solution, but the solution that happened today I don’t think it was the best one. We’ll do our best for tomorrow, as we have more material coming in to make it better. I’m also surprised because yesterday everybody when they saw the track they liked it, and then they came to me today saying that the lay out was not good, so that’s a big change in only one day.”

Reading into Tortellis statement he would say the track was fine as he promoted the event, but we’re not talking about Amateur riders from a local practise tracks, these guys know how to ride and know when a track is to dangerous, its what they do.

Eric Geboers Suzuki Team Manager, “In free practice and pre-qualification, the riders made some good lap-times. Clement felt ok and Tanel was also feeling better on the bike compared to the last few weeks. Some riders were not-so-happy with the track and how it was prepared. We as a team and GRP, were focussed on getting the bikes in the waiting zone ready for the gate. It was a last-minute action and fairly unorganised but it was down to the riders if they wanted to race or not.”

MX2 qualifying race winner Michael Leib: “I can understand a little more the decision of the riders but at the same time the track was not absolutely wrong. I didn’t race really hard today but I have a good pick up tomorrow, so I hope to be on the podium as I did in Fermo.”

Lets hope at 6pm tonight the all riders line up on the gate and race in Mexico but word is riders are not a happy bunch.

Tune into our live streaming page for tonights racing Mexico today! Kicks off at 6pm.


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