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Championship improvement as LPE scale the Heights

Championship improvement as LPE scale the Heights

Round 4 of the Red Bull Pro National Championship saw the Maxxis Henderson LPE Kawasaki team head to Canada Heights in Kent. The weekends racing was held under very hot and sunny conditions making track conditions harder than usual.

The day started early with the qualification for the Pro class, for Gert Krestinov it signaled the start of a good day after posting the second fastest time for the MX1 class. In the MX2 class both Bryan Mackenzie and Connor Walkley both posted solid times for 4th and 10th places in MX2 respectively.

After the lunch break it was time for the first race of the day which would see both MX1 and MX2 competing against each other. Off the start Krestinov made a good start but unfortunately tangled with Alex Snow in the first corner and would start from dead last. Whilst at the front of the MX2 class Mackenzie started out well within the top 5 and would progress his way up to third at the finish. For Walkley it was to be a tough race battling from a mid pack start to work his way up to 9th. After starting the race in last Krestinov battled hard to recover to 6th place, just behind Crockard.

The second race of the day saw Mackenzie make a much better start and lead the MX2 class on the opening lap, this time Krestinov was able to make a clean start whilst unfortunately Walkley crashed in the first corner. As the race progressed Krestinov worked his way into 5th and set about catching Snow in 3rd place. Mackenzie suffered a couple of small mistakes which pushed him back to 4th place at the finish. Krestinov would eventually work his way into 3rd place passing Snow with a lap to go. Walkley produced a strong ride to recover up to 10th place after starting dead last.

At the end of the day Krestinov and Mackenzie both finished in fourth place overall and advanced to third place in the Championship tables. Walkley’s two solid results gave him eight overall on the day and moved him further up the MX2 Championship to eight place after missing the opening round.

Gert Krestinov
The qualification session this morning went well and I finished the session in second place behind Martin Barr. This weekend I settled into the track and felt good from the start. The first race I had a really bad start and crashed on the first corner leaving me in dead last. I worked hard to recover to 6th place but I was disappointed with that. In the second race I got a better start and was passing the front guys easier. I got third place at the finish and that gave me fourth overall. Fourth is the first loser so I’m feeling disappointed that I didn’t get the podium, so I will have to try that little bit harder.

Bryan Mackenzie
Today has been a really hot day and that has played a bit of a factor in the riding today, but that’s not an excuse. Qualifying went well with fourth place in MX2 and I felt really good out on the track. The first race of the day I got a good start and Banks Browne made a bit of a mess of the first turn and pushed us both out wide. I had a good flow going and finished in third place. The last race I made an amazing start and was leading MX2, but I made two mistakes on the opening lap and dropped back to fourth in MX2. I’m really disappointed in that result as I tried really hard but it wasn’t enough.

Connor Walkley
Today has been pretty successful and had some good results from two bad starts. I finished the first race in ninth place and then a tenth place in the second race. Every weekend I’m feeling stronger and riding better, my results are improving and I’ve moved up to eight in the championship after missing the opening round. This has blown my pre season goals out of the water and from now on I will be setting my goals higher for the rest of the year.

Steve James
This weekend has been another good one for the whole team with strong results in both classes, the weather has also been good but the hot day made it more difficult for all the riders in the championship & really tested everyone’s conditioning. We just missed out of the podium top three again in both classes but we have remained consistent with Bry staying 3rd in the MX2 Championship & Gert moved up to 3rd in the MX1 championship. Young Connor is now 8th after missing the opening round through injury. Qualifying went well with Gert in 2nd, Bryan in 4th and Connor in 10th in their respective classes. The first race went ok apart from Gert’s first corner crash which was to cost him dearly in the overall at the end of the day, Bryan had a very strong ride to finish 3rd, Connor rode well for 9th and Gert worked hard to get back to 6th. The second race went much better with Bryan leading early on but was to make a couple of mistakes dropping down a few places to eventually finish in 4th place, This time it was Connor that crashed on the first turn and had to work his way through back to 10th. Gert had a storming ride in the second race, he got a better start inside the top ten & within a few laps he was up to 5th place & then he had to work really hard to pass the next two riders to finish a strong 3rd. We have had a good day with some great results and hopefully we can continue to improve with in the final three rounds as there is still plenty to play for.

MX1 Overall:
1st Brad Anderson, 2nd Nathan Parker, 3rd Alex Snow, 4th Gert Krestinov, 5th JOSH WATERMAN (SUZUKI), 6th Gordon Crockard, 7th Martin Barr, 8th Luke Benstead, 9th Jamie Smith, 10th Sam Simmons

MX1 Championship Standings:
1st Anderson (197), 2nd Barr (141), 3rd Krestinov (121), 4th Parker (117), 5th Sword (112), 6th Whatley (103), 7th Crockard (100), 8th Shaun Simpson (84), 9th Alex Snow (83), 10th Law (73)

MX2 Overall:
1st Elliott Banks-Browne, 2nd Neville Bradshaw, 3rd Mel Pocock, 4th Bryan MacKenzie, 5th John Phillips, 6th Matthew Bayliss, 7th Sonny Thompson, 8th Connor Walkley, 9th Lewis Trickett, 10th Stuart Edmonds

MX2 Championship Standings:
1st Banks-Browne (197), 2nd Pocock (168), 3rd MacKenzie (131), 4th Bradshaw (113), 5th Edmonds (108), 6th Phillips (84), 7th Clarke (77), 8th Walkley (74), 9th Moffatt (74), 10th Rowson (66).


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