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Challenge Travis Pastrana and WIN SWAG!

Challenge Travis Pastrana and WIN SWAG!

This summer, Red Bull is offering fans of Nitro Circus the chance to challenge action sports hero and 17-time X games medallist, Travis Pastrana to the craziest idea they can come up with! When Nitro Circus Live comes to the UK in December, the best challenges from will be chosen by Travis Pastrana himself to perform along with the entire Nitro Circus crew at the UK dates of the first ever European tour in December 2012.

If you have a crazy idea that will ‘Challenge Travis’ and his crew to take things to the next level then ADD IT IN THE COMMENT BOX BELOW – get creative and submit your best idea; just remember that this is the man that has jumped out of an aeroplane without a parachute so the crazier the better.

The trick the MOTO crew thinks is best will win this…

Or you can go straight to the CHALLENGE TRAVIS site and enter there which could result in your trick being performed by TP.
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  1. Harvey metcalfe

    Make a track on a ice skating ring and you and your crew race round it on pit bikes.

  2. Moto Magazine

    Jump the gap at the show on a kiddie trike blindfolded

  3. Callum Picking-Reynalds

    do a backflip on a side car!

  4. tony lam

    Two flat bed trucks follow one another. Ramp on the tail of truck 1. 35 foot run up before you hit the ramp. back flip the cab of truck 2 and land on the flat bed behind.
    Gotta be done……. Travis when you take this on I have got to be there.

  5. Jake Thompson

    triple backflip a trike. Never seen it done before!

  6. Matthew Loughman

    Tea bag a lion!!! Or backflip a tractor unit :)

  7. bruno

    Do a backflip wearing only your protective gear and a g-string pants :) lol

  8. mark opdyke

    You and another rider both take off and hit a huge jump. And while in the air switch bikes in mid air.maybe by doing some superman seat grabs and swapping hands tenths either bike.something like that. and land it.that would be by farbrhe hardest and scariest trick anyone would ever attempt to redo. I think it would be sick as heck. You’re nuts so let’s see you pull that off Travis.

    1. mark opdyke

      Meant swapping hands to the other riders seat on there bike.”not tenths either bike”.typo sorry.Lol.6


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