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Card’s No Joker! East Kent SSC 2012 Summer Series RD1

Card’s No Joker! East Kent SSC 2012 Summer Series RD1


For the first round of the East Kent SSC 2012 summer championships; there was to be an unexpected quick change around, of venue. And with the Ringmer track out of action, it was the Newnham track that came up trumps once again; which held up pretty well considering it had been used for the whole of the winter series. Talking of which it’s hard to believe that two weeks ago the final winter round had to be cancelled there due to the snow. But one thing was for sure; the riders looked as if they were fully charged up and ready to hit the dirt once again.

The little Autos were out first and playing their cards right as they rode the whole of the track, with cheeky Alfie Card proving to be no joker as he pulled away from the pack in all three blocks, for the overall moto. Jake Swann rode off with second overall after his 3-2-2 finishes secured the deal, with Raife Broadley’s 2-3-3 finishes helping him to move into the third overall spot. Charlie Piddock and Sonny May maybe two of the smallest riders of the group but they have both certainly upped their game and looked impressive throughout the day.

Ike Carter has kicked off the series with great results in the Junior group, taking a 2-1-1 finish for the moto overall. Jake Sinden not only took the win in race one but also put in some impressive lap times too, finishing second overall with his 1-2-2 results. Billy Carter took a comfortable third overall as his consistent third place finishes secured the position. You wouldn’t of guessed that Cameron Hayward, had just moved up; with his quick pace and superb results rewarding himself with a fifth overall. There were also some cracking results from Max Turner as he kept within the top ten in all three blocks.

Tara Stacey made a return to the SW’s on her new machine and was going great guns within the middle runners until her exit in the third block. We wish the little lady a speedy recovery and a quick return to racing. It’s got to be said that the group really are upping their game with so many of the riders growing in confidence and speed; and Oliver Rippon is just one of those riders. Ethan Winchester claimed himself another overall win with Tom Borrett in a very close second overall with only a two point difference between them. Luke Horley did enough to keep himself in the remaining spot with his 5-3-3 finishes.

The BW races were not to be missed with the battle between the two front runners becoming intense with only two points splitting the positions. Mitchell Lewis took pole position on the podium with second and third overall going to Callum Heasman and Aaron Ongley. Both Billy Stevens and Aaron Pilcher should be proud of their overall results as they both broke into the top six.

Ben Franklin became the front runner in the Senior group after going head to head with Joe Russell, who looked more his usual self, out on the track; which was nice to see. John Waghorne finished in third overall behind Joe after his best result in race two sealed the deal. Ben Spill only just finished outside the top six but with his impressive run he could have well of finished just inside.

In the AMX group, Dave Capper certainly liked the competitive competition from the younger riders, and was well and truly up for it when the gates dropped in the first block; as he led for the first three laps until he was caught out by Piers Skinner. Piers continued to be quick off the mark to claim all three blocks with John Eaton pushing hard from behind to take second overall as Dave finished behind the lads in a well-deserved overall third. Ben Blake had a superb run with his best result coming in race two with a fifth place finish.

In the Open group, Tony Cuddy put in the fastest lap times in all three blocks, taking the moto overall after his hat trick score once again confirming the place. Luke Lewis and Jason Buffery put in a great chase between them, to catch Cuddy out; but in the end the lads had to settle for the remaining positions. Rob Gibbs, was Mr consistent once again with his positions; putting him just outside the top ten. It was also nice to see Kieran Clarke back at the club after a year out doing other race meetings since leaving the senior group and did well to finish in the top six.

Images by Andy Waghorne & Jane Dennis
Report by Tracey Whittam

Auto – 1 Alfie Card, 2 Jake Swann, 3 Raife Broadley, 4 Harvey Fagg, 5 Tom Ovenden, 6 Charlie Piddock
JNR – 1 Ike Carter, 2 Jake Sinden, 3 Billy Carter, 4 Rhys Cooper, 5 Cameron Hayward, 6 Harry Preston
SW – 1 Ethan Winchester, 2 Tom Borrett, 3 Luke Horley, 4 Michael Eggett, 5 Ashdon Manktelow, 6 Sam Ongley
BW – 1 Mitchell Lewis, 2 Callum Heasman, 3 Aaron Ongley, 4 Billy Stevens, 5 Aaron Pilcher, 6 Taylor Kelly
SNR – 1 Ben Franklin, 2 Joe Russell, 3 John Waghorne, 4 Dan Guy, 5 Frankie Brown, 6 Connor Dennis
AMX – 1 Piers Skinner, 2 John Eaton, 3 Dave Capper, 4 Adam Cooper, 5 Aston Day, 6 Sam Underhill
Open – 1 Tony Cuddly, 2 Luke Lewis, 3 Jason Buffery, 4 Ben Crane, 5 Chris O’Hara, 6 Kieran Clark


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