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BSMA introduce new Chairman and Vice Chairman

BSMA introduce new Chairman and Vice Chairman

BSMA introduce new Chairman and Vice Chairman

The BSMA are delighted to introduce the new BSMA Chairman Paul Butler and Vice Chairman Emma Hucklebridge who were both elected at the recent AGM.

With huge passion from these two people along with support from others the BSMA will be promoted to its full potential and will aid clubs in the running fun filled successful events throughout the year.

With a new corporate image and renewed approach the BSMA will strive to be the fantastic organisation it once was and which we have all been devoted too for many years.

The coming year will not only bring about many beneficial changes but will also give each and every one of its riders and clubs an opportunity to participate in what we know will be a very successful year.

With the introduction of a monthly newsletter the communication between the BSMA, clubs and riders will dramatically improve.

To ensure all clubs have fuller line ups and riders are able to race a BSMA club event each week clubs will be helped to form closer working relationships and improved communication with dates and venues being closely considered.

A dedicated office staffed by a full time secretary and part time admin officer has been a welcomed improvement to the administration processes with a more professional approach throughout.

By using social media, online banking, information technology and a modern approach we strive to bring the BSMA up to date and in front of other motocross organisations.

With the support of new commercial sponsors the clubs and riders will benifit from opportunities which may not have been available to them in the past.

With two of its youngest leaders to date it’s now time to put into action all of the plans we have made to develop the future of the BSMA into something totally unforgettable which everyone will want to be part of.

If you are a club or rider who wishes to re-join the BSMA after taking a break to try a different organisation, or if you have not been part of the BSMA before, we welcome you with open arms.

We are willing to present our new approach to any club who wished for us to attend their AGM anywhere in the UK.

If you would like to contact the BSMA please do so by emailing the secretary at


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