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BSMA Bike Winner

BSMA Bike Winner

The photo shows Steve Blackham with his son Dan being presented with the 85cc Yamaha by BSMA Management team member Chris Tucker

For many a year now the BSMA have raffled a bike to help riders get a small amount of the cost of their licence back or to give them the chance, if they want to keep the tickets and win a brand new bike.
The raffle tickets are also on sale at all of the shows and the BSMA race events for those wanting an extra chance of for those who do not have a BSMA licence.

The draw of the winning ticket took place at the BSMA Finals at Culham on 15th August. Although the winner was not at the event he was called straight away and was delighted by the news that he has won.

The very happy 2010 winner of the 85cc Yamaha was Steve Blackham. Steve has been a motocross rider himself for a very long time but winning the bike means his son Dan will be able to have a ride at his local BSMA club next year too.

Remember to look out for your tickets in your 2011 BSMA licence, you never know the winning ticket might belong to you, it has to belong to someone and I bet Steve never thought this year it would be him.

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