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What is going on with British Youth Motocross?

What is going on with British Youth Motocross?

Our three biggest Youth championship series clash on the same weekend of August 4th/5th – how does that work?

The Red Bull Pro head to Whitby, the ACU British Youth Nationals head to Fat Cats Moto Parc and the AMCA British Masters are at Foxhill near Swindon.

There seems to be a power clash at this present time with no organisation showing any willingness to re-arrange dates and think about the riders who want to race in maybe two of the three events, or riders who have committed to two events and now confused on where to ride.

We need the powers to be to sit down and sort something out as three youth championship events on one weekend is just wrong.

If you go to MXTRAX there is a thread discussing this subject, let us know your thoughts below or join in on the forum.


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