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British MXoN team selection, way to early to worry about it

British MXoN team selection, way to early to worry about it

Team from 2011

After we broke the news about Neil Prince’s new role as the 2012 MXoN British team manager and then yesterday the ACU released their statement, the whole story has sort of escalated a little too quick.

The gate hasn’t even dropped for the second GP yet but fans are suggesting who should be in the team, and yes we want our fastest riders there whether they race in the USA or on the moon.

Reading into the ACU statement yesterday which is the quote from Bryan Higgins, I can confirm that each rider will have full financial support from the ACU in September”. To us that is saying whoever they choose come September they will support 100%, it certainly doesn’t mention Dean Wilson not racing for team GB. What is a shame is that the individual rider has been dragged into it in such a public way, its certainly not Dean’s fault he races in the USA. If you speak to Dean he was so pumped about being picked for last years event, he’s Scottish his family is Scottish and he has the right like any other British rider to ride for his country, cost shouldn’t even come in to it.

We spoke to somebody in the industry just yesterday and he said, “Team USA will be the team to beat again, their pride and passion to win will see them at the front in Belgium even if its in deep sand, they will prepare correctly and have full support from everyone there and that’s how TEAM GB should be.”

Somebody mentioned on our forum MXTRAX that we need to wait and see who is available come September, which is exactly right and hopefully we will have Dean, Tommy, Jake, Brad, Max, Shaun, Elliott, Kristian, Billy and others all fit and ready to go kick ass in Belgium.

Steve Dixon also expanded on his comment on MXTRAX which is, “It was about 9k all in, the facts are it should not be down to a whip round, To compete at the top you need to be on a level playing field and do the job the same as the others. We can all carry bikes in our suitcases ect but when PC are sending bikes for USA, South Africa and the UK they need to go the same way and if SA pay for that way and we don’t then GB look like cheapskates.
I am not saying Dean should automatically be on the team, I was saying if we have a top level rider in the US or Aus and the team need to ship the bike across then the ACU need to go for it, it could be Dean, Tommy, Jake, Brad, Billy, Anstie riding in the USA or Aus, we just need the best 3 riders at the time and the knowledge that we can do it and look good.
The ACU said it was not fair on the licence holders and I said the licence holders would want the best team. my argument was that the ACU is the goverments arm of Motorcycling and it’s in their interest is to promote British motorcycling and there is no bigger stage to do this than at the MXoN.
David Beckam is treated as an Ambassador of British Sport and football yet he resides and plays in USA. I think since Dean has rode for GB we have all had someone to cheer in the US races. I am not digging at the ACU, I just don’t think they realize how important this race is to the fans, both at the races and in the armchair.”

So for the time being sit back, take a chill pill, watch this weekends racing in Bulgaria and Seattle and checkout the latest video from with Dean talking shop – enjoy.


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