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British Masters Hawkstone Park Gallery

British Masters Hawkstone Park Gallery

Another AMCA Wulfsport British Masters weekend and yet more wet weather,the story so far of the 2012 season.

After rain had wreaked havoc at Mallory and caused cancellation at Whitby,the big watering can in the sky then attempted to ruin day two at Hawkstone Park last weekend during round four. Indeed conditions on Sunday became so poor that the infamous Hawkstone Hill was cut out of the track route as the circuit more resembled a ploughed field, turning the event into a serious battle of strength, staminia and survival for all.

Undeterred though, Ken Winstanley and the Masters team refused to be defeated, with the riders also standing firm and determined to ensure that round four was actually completed.

Well done to everyone concerned.

Full results here

Images by Mike Wood


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