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British Masters Gallery & results from Foxhill

British Masters Gallery & results from Foxhill

What a weekend round four of the Wulfsport British Masters proved to be as Ken Winstanley and his team were to have their organisational skills tested to the limit following a potentially disastrous day one. With heavy rain showers having already forced the Masters team to reroute the Foxhills track. The all-important electronic timing system then decided to throw a major wobbly. Frantically the organisers attempted to trace and repair the fault, even importing a new system, but despite their determined and very best efforts, it was still no go. So,the decision was eventually made to go back to the ‘old school’ method of lap scoring by pens and paper. To use this method though, you must be able to identify the riders, so it was imperative that both weather and track conditions were to improve.

Thankfully, Uncle Ken’s prayers were to be answered as the rain clouds dispersed and the going quickly dried to thus enable at least one full block of racing on what had been a very frustrating day one for everyone concerned. Following those Saturday problems, what a contrast the second day of action was to provide though with the good old Foxhills track now totally dry, a bumper crowd coming through the gates and some thrilling racing, topped by an abundance of simply stunning Pro action ensuring it was smiles all round.

Wulfsport Pro MX2 was the first big clash on Super Sunday and it was Steven Clarke who led the charge chased by series leader Bryan MacKenzie with Elliot Banks-Browne in 3rd. Eventually Bryan Mac was to take control whilst Clarke suffered a heavy tumble when under pressure from EBB. With Bryan Mac and EBB now going for it at the front, Neville Bradshaw had displayed great determination to move up through and into the vacant 3rd spot ahead of a great battle raging between Scott Probert ,Alan Keet, Luke Hawkins and James Dodd. Up at the front the super EBB was to scorch past Bryan Mac to earn the win whilst Dodd outgunned Hawkins in the closing stages for a hard earned 6th. Also having a great ride in this moto was Wiltshire resident Jamie Skuse who blasted from 19th all the way up to 8th.

The second Pro MX2 clash was all about a classic motocross battle between yet again EBB and Bryan Mac. Forging a massive advantage for themselves at the front of the pack, the two riders were to indulge in a rip roaring tussle, just inches apart for the majority of the contest and MacKenzie was even to pass and hold off Browne for a couple of laps, phew what a race. However there’s simply no stopping EBB at present and the DB Racing Honda rider was to be again first past the post with Bradshaw in 3rd ahead of Probert, Hawkins, Skuse and Clarke.

Not to be outdone the Pro MX1 boy’s also served up some fantastic entertainment. However there was to be carnage shortly after the start of moto one following a nasty spill which was to take-out several riders. Up at the front though it was Kristian Whatley in charge with local favourite Stephen Sword and Brad Anderson in tow. Eventually Brad was to take advantage of a mistake by Swordy through the Foxhills whoops and thus move up into 2nd. Ando was now charging hard on Whatley but the Samsung Yamaha rider looked cool, calm and in total control on his way to almost certain victory. However in a dramatic final few laps, it was all to change as Swordy recovered to not only re-pass Ando but then somehow snatch victory away from a startled Whatley on the very last circuit. Taking 4th was Bryan Mac with EBB 5th and Josh Waterman pinching 6th right on the finishing line.

Following that rare defeat for Ando in moto one, the PAR Homes Honda rider was determined to make amends in the second MX1 clash, grabbing the holeshot ahead of Whatley. As the race settled down, two distinctive battles developed Anderson v Whatley for 1st and Sword v EBB for 3rd. Despite the very best efforts of Whatley though, Ando was not to be denied, digging deep and remaining very cool to take the win whilst Swordy was to eventually lose 3rd when slipping off on the final lap. After having been involved in that big moto one crash, Gert Krestinov had a strong ride in the second clash to get home in 5th.

So who else starred at Foxhills? Well in Michelin Masters MX2, Jack Jones blasted to a maximum points score. However series leader Jamie Thompstone was always right in the mix to earn 3rd overall behind Emerson Jones and thus ensure that he maintained his series lead. Whilst the impressive late entry Jamie McCarthy also bagged three out of three race wins in the Michelin MX1 clash, Championship regulars Darren Fowden 2nd, Lee Tolan 3rd, Tom Davies 4th, Ben Thompson 5th and Ian Taylor 6th were all in the frame.

In the DK Off-Road Kawasaki Masters, MX1 series leader Peter Wainwright was a non-starter so Chris Neesam took full advantage to not only bag maximum points, but also move to the top of the standings. Following the Foxhills event, Ryan Bruce, Dale Brockhurst and John Robson have also all overhauled Wainwright. Over in MX2, Paul Neale and series leader Gareth Padgett continue to set a scintillating pace at the top of proceedings. Neale took the overall win during round four,just three points ahead of Padgett with Richard Gray in 3rd. This particular contest looks set to go right down to the wire and the final race at Dean Moor in September.

After his great victory at Whitby, Daniel Brough threatened to again go through the GSP Race Products Amateur MX1 card at Foxhills. Winning the opening two clashes, Daniel was on for that hat-trick only for George Purchase to ruin his dreams. However Brough has still slightly stretched his series lead ahead of Jamie Dobson, Michael Reynolds and Darryl Maxwell.

In a super Amateur MX2 contest, Charles Statt on the two-stroke TM, series leader Ricky Lethaby and Aled Bellis all bagged a moto win each. In the final reckonings, Statt and Bellis had tied on points but the overall win belonged to the latter, courtesy of his last moto success.

Late entries, Paul Coates(2) and Damien Strydon were to earn the Scott Acerbis MXY2 moto wins at Foxhills. But although Coates also took the overall verdict, the accomplished Dan Thornhill, back aboard a Team Suzuki GB machine, produced another calculated performance to thus increase his series lead by bagging another super podium place in 2nd. Other riders to figure prominently in the MXY2 action were James Rutter,Ryan Williams and Jordan Wills.

Curtis Blamey and Jordan Moxey showed just why they are currently the top two lads in the Moto-Pro Suspension BW85cc class by also earning the top two steps on the Foxhills podium, Blamey was in simply terrific form in Wiltshire, blasting to three great moto wins. Joining them on the podium was Charlie Putman. Over in SW85cc, series leader Henry Siddiqui bagged the first two moto wins of the weekend before being defeated by Elliott Heap in the final clash. On the podium it was victory to Siddiqui ahead of Heap and Bradley Malin.

Well that’s it then what a weekend but there is little time to recover with the next round less than two weeks away at Silverstone. However you can be sure that the Masters team will regroup and be back bigger and stronger than ever with another great event and they have promised that all riders will still get their one extra moto cancelled at Foxhills included during the later meetings.

1 Brad Anderson(PAR Homes Honda) 95 points 2 Kristian Whatley(Samsung Yamaha) 94 3 Stephen Sword(Buildbase CCM) 93 4 Elliot Banks-Browne(DB Racing Honda) 86 5 Bryan MacKenzie (Maxxis Henderson LPE Kawasaki) 82 6 Matt Moffatt(Danger UK KTM) 72.

1 Banks-Browne 100 points 2 MacKenzie 94 3 Neville Bradshaw (Honda) 90 4 Scott Probert(SSS Honda) 84 5 Luke Hawkins(PAR Homes Honda) 78 6 Jamie Skuse(Honda) 74.

1 Paul Coates 147 points 2 Dan Thornill(Suzuki GB) 133 3 James Rutter 129 4 Ryan Williams(KTM) 121 5 Damien Strydon 111 6 Jordan Wills 99.

1 Curtis Blamey(Samco Sport Honda) 150 points 2 Jordan Moxey(Stebbings Honda) 137 3 Charlie Putman 135 4 Rob Holyoake(RaceSpec KTM) 131 5 Loui Harris(KTM) 110 6 Dylan Lewis (Feehily KTM) 109.

1 Henry Siddiqui(Trevor Pope Honda) 147 points 2 Elliott Heap(SV Tech Ltd Kawasaki) 140 3 Bradley Malin(Middleton KTM) 139 4 Matt Brame(Mugshot Designs Suzuki) 121 5 Harry Linton(Honda) 86 6 Howard Wainwright(BKR Kawasaki) 84.

1 Chris Neesam 150 points 2 Ryan Bruce(Wadsworth) 141 3 Dale Brockhurst(Brockhurst) 135 4 John Robson(Bikesport) 125 5 Jamie Hallett 125 6 Dave Anthony 117.

1 Paul Neale(RaceSpec) 147 points 2 Gareth Padgett(AO Smith) 144 3 Richard Gray(Corby) 135 4 Richard McDermott 125 5 Bill Farleigh 125 6 Adam Savage(KB Coaches) 105.

1 Jamie McCarthy(Kawasaki) 150 points 2 Darren Fowden(Focus It KTM) 141 3 Lee Tolan(Samsung Yamaha) 129 4 Tom Davies(TNT Racing KTM) 119 5 Ben Thompson 111 6 Ian Taylor(Fast Tyres Honda) 111.

1 Jack Jones(Viessman Boilers KTM) 150 points 2 Emerson Jones 137 3 Jamie Thompstone(KTM) 137 4 Aidan Wigger(Honda) 127 5 James Milne 121 6 Daniel Beck 113.

1 Daniel Brough(Heatex KTM) 147 points 2 Darryl Maxwell(Build Plus KTM) 135 3 Michael Reynolds(KW Metals Yamaha) 131 4 Jamie Dobson(MTR KTM) 127 5 George Purchase 119 6 Declan Burke 109.

1 Aled Bellis(CF Racing Honda) 140 points 2 Charles Statt 140 3 Ricky Lethaby(NTS UK Yamaha) 132 4 Edward Briscoe(EBL Group Kawasaki) 125 5 Gregory Fisher(Horseman Kawasaki) 109 6 Luke Smith(KTM) 107.

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Images by Ray Chuss
Words by Mike Wood


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