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Brad Anderson still chasing Coppins in Aussie Champs

Brad Anderson still chasing Coppins in Aussie Champs

Carlton Dry Honda Thor Racing’s Brad Anderson and Ford Dale have endured a difficult weekend at West Australia’s AJS Motorcycle Club finishing fourth and seventh at Round 4 of the Monster Energy MX Nationals.

Both riders showed good pace over the weekend and leave the West retaining second place in their respective MX1 and MX2 Championships.

After qualifying second, Anderson got a good start in the opening MX1 moto. The Brit was second off the line and passed Jay Marmont for the lead on the opening lap of the race.

A small mistake allowed Josh Coppins to sneak past and whilst trying to pass him back up the inside, Anderson went down. He remounted and eventually finished the race third.

Bad luck seemed to snowball for Anderson in Moto 2, the harder he tried to recover the further down the order he fell, finishing an unlucky 13th.

The Carlton Dry Honda Thor Racing rider made a good recovery in the final 30-minute moto to finish second.

“I am really disappointed with this weekends results,” Anderson explained. “I let myself down making silly mistakes.

“The second race was a disaster. I lost my head a bit because I knew I should have been further up the order but no matter what I tried, it just seemed to get worse.

“I was determined to turn things around in Race 3. I passed both Josh (Coppins) and Jay (Marmont) on the opening lap but I made a mistake a couple of laps later and Josh (Coppins) got past me.

“It was important to finish the event with a good race result and thankfully I leave Perth still sitting second in the standings. Unfortunately though, I now have a lot more points to redeem to catch Josh (Coppins),” Anderson added.

In the MX2 class Ford Dale qualified third but a crash on the first lap of Moto 1 left him to fight back from dead last. Dale finished the race eighth.

A bad start in Moto 2 put Dale back in the pack again. The Honda rider worked his way up to fourth and was making ground on the front-runners but ran out of laps to progress any further.

Bad luck returned in Moto 3, Dale crashed while was sitting fourth and had to work his way back up the order.

Finishing 10th in the final race saw Dale end the round seventh and sees him retain second in the MX2 standings by just two points.

“It definitely wasn’t the best weekend,” Dale said. “I felt good on the bike but nothing really gelled for me.

“I am going to change my preparation for the next round and come in with a new game plan.

“I think I may have over prepared for this weekend. I have been working harder than ever before but I came in not feeling 100%. I am going to back it down a bit on the riding side so I am turning up fresh.” he continued.

The Carlton Dry Honda Thor Racing riders will head home to prepare for Round 5 of the Monster Energy MX Nationals that will be held at South Australia’s Murray Bridge on Sunday May 20.

‎2012 Monster Energy MX Nationals MX1 Results – Rd4 Wanneroo

1. Josh Coppins 72
2. Lawson Bopping 57 

3. Todd Waters 56 

4. Brad Anderson 50
5. Cody Cooper 46
6. Tye Simmonds 45
7. Daniel McCoy 42 

8. Jay Marmont 38
9. Mike Phillips 33 

10. Gordon Crockard 32

2012 Monster Energy MX Nationals MX1 Standings (After Rd 4 of 7)

1. Josh 253
2. Brad Anderson 211
3. Todd Waters 208
4. Lawson Bopping 203
5. Cody Cooper 183
6. Tye Simmonds 178
7. Jay Marmont 177
8. Jake Moss 157
9. Daniel McCoy 125
10. Daniel Reardon 107

2012 Monster Energy MX Nationals MX2 Results – Rd4 Wanneroo

1. Luke Styke 68 

2. Cheyne Boyd 62 

3. Adam Monea 55 

4. Kade Mosig 54 

5. Josh Cachia 46 

6. Lewis Woods 44
7. Ford Dale 42
8. Scott Columb 38
9. Luke Arbon 38 

10. Kirk Gibbs 37

2012 Monster Energy MX Nationals MX2 Standings (After Rd 4 of 7)

1. Luke Styke 260
2. Ford Dale 221
3. Kirk Gibbs 199
4. Cheyne Boyd 198
5. Josh Cachia 195
6. Kade Mosig 194
7. Adam Monea 190
8. Justin McDonald 143
9. Lewis Woods 134
10. Errol Willis 131


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