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Bobryshev set to race today in Brazil (hopefully)

Bobryshev set to race today in Brazil (hopefully)

The Honda World Motocross team is looking forward to this weekend’s Grand Prix in Beto Carrero, Brazil with riders Rui Gonçalves and Evgeny Bobryshev feeling stronger while recovering from their ailments for round five of the MX1 World Championship.

The event this weekend is particularly special for the Honda World Motocross squad, as the Grand Prix is sponsored by Honda Brazil and the team has extra support from the many fans attending the sell-out race. After a tough Mexican Grand Prix last week in which Bobryshev sat out of proceedings while Gonçalves sustained a hand injury to add to the damaged tendon in his groin, results were not as the team had hoped for heading into the overseas races.

However, with some time travelling and resting this week, both riders are extra motivated with Bobryshev hungry to get back on his bike and Gonçalves, who celebrates his 27th birthday today, is keen to put in a strong performance in front of the fans whose native language is also the same as his (Portuguese).

It won’t be easy for either rider as Bobryshev, who still has a swollen thumb from a crash earlier in the year, has had little time on the bike in the past few months and is unsure of what to expect this weekend after the Bronchitis he suffered in Mexico left him with no energy, breathing difficulties and vertigo while riding the bike. Gonçalves also has a swollen thumb on the right hand and after some light training this week he is sure his leg is still problematic, but as always the Honda duo will be putting the best possible performance together aboard their factory Dunlop-shod CRF 450R machines to get their championship challenges back on track before heading home to Europe.

Rui Gonçalves #999
“I am looking forward to this weekend but it’s frustrating that I am not perfectly fit. I did some running this week and my leg is still painful, so it is not healed yet. My thumb is recovering too, but it is still a bit swollen and it is quite painful, so it’s going to be hard work again this weekend. We need to do what we can with what we have and mentally I feel good; I think it’s important to stay positive to do the best job possible. It’s been good this week to be together with the team and have some time talking before the weekend, as it brings a really nice feeling. The track looks really good, as it has been well prepared with grass around it, and everything is ready for a good race. There will be lots of fans there and they speak the same language as me pretty much, so it’s nice to be in Brazil and be able to chat to the people here. While I’m not putting a huge expectation in for the races, we will do what we can and then head back to Europe to get my injuries healed up.”

Evgeny Bobryshev #777
“For sure I feel much better than in Mexico with the Bronchitis. I feel better in myself, and I have some energy. I want to ride now; I missed the racing and I’ve had so little time on the bike that I just want things to get back to how they should be. We will see how it goes as although I am getting healthy, I’m still struggling a little bit with the lungs and I won’t know until I’m on the bike where we are at with my fitness. It won’t be easy, as I haven’t ridden much, but we will start slowly to get used to the bike again and progress from there throughout Saturday. My thumb is not perfect, but it is much better, as I can ride without painkillers now. The track looks good with the jumps and it has been well prepared, so I hope I can bring some good points back home.”

Lorenzo Resta: Honda World Motocross Team Manager
“We are really impressed with the level of the track and facilities in Beto Carrero. It’s almost like a stadium with where the people can sit and see most of the track. Honda Brazil has given us such a warm welcome with a special box for us to work from and it’s almost like another home GP with their support, Rui speaking the language so well and our chief mechanic Marcus is Brazilian. We are really happy and the facilities here are at World Championship level, not like we saw last week. The situation with the riders is a little bit better than it was in Mexico. Rui still has some problems with his thumb, but it’s his birthday today, so it could be a special weekend for him and we hope he gives himself a gift with a good result. Bobby is also much better than in Mexico, as he has no fever and is feeling good. The altitude was also a problem for him, and we are at sea level here with the temperature a little lower, which should help him, although it will be quite difficult for him to do the races with so little time on the bike.”


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