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Bobryshev eighth in Bulgaria qualifying

Bobryshev eighth in Bulgaria qualifying

With changeable weather affecting track conditions in Sevlievo, Bulgaria for round two of the FIM World MX1 Championship, Honda World Motocross rider Evgeny Bobryshev concluded today’s qualifying race in eighth place with teammate Rui Gonçalves in 11th.

With the start of the day being dry at the ultra-hard Bulgarian circuit, both riders made progress throughout practice to finish with Gonçalves in sixth and Bobryshev 13th at the end of pre-qualifying, when the weather had started to change.

With more rain falling throughout the afternoon, the track was slippery in places by the time the 20-minute plus two-lap qualifying race started. Bobryshev, who is suffering with his painful thumb-injury sustained at the opening round in Valkenswaard, got a good jump off the gate, although he was pushed wide into the first turn. The tough Russian rider, who had avoided taking painkillers in the morning sessions to feel the benefit of them for the race, managed to get up-to sixth place, but rode safely to take eighth position at the chequered flag ahead of tomorrow’s Grand Prix.

Teammate Gonçalves didn’t get a good start to the race and was around 15th into the first turn. With the drying track being a very similar speed for everyone, the Portuguese rider found it difficult to pass, although he concluded the day in 11th place with determination for good starts tomorrow.

Today’s qualifying race was won by Antonio Cairoli.

Evgeny Bobryshev #777: 8th position
“We had good weather in the morning, but I took no painkillers in the practice so I could only do a couple of laps at a time. I could not brake well; I just couldn’t get on the brakes hard or late like normal because if I have pressure in my hand, especially on the downhill sections, then I have a lot of pain. In the race I got a good jump off the start, but then I got a little pushed out by (Tanel) Leok, although really I went okay to come from 13th on the gate up-to sixth. I was doing my best to be honest, and a couple of people passed me, so I finished eighth. I really want to say thanks to all of my team because with the situation we have at the moment against us, they are really behind me. Sometimes we have good days and sometimes we have bad days, but I am really happy that no-one turns their back on me when we have bad days and that is really important. Anyway, the rest of my body is okay, so tomorrow we’ve just got to do the best job possible with the thumb injury to get as many points as we can while I am still healing.”

Rui Gonçalves #999: 11th position
“Today was okay, and I’ve been feeling good since first practice. The track is quite fast and it’s obviously very different from what we raced on at Valkenswaard, with everyone going at a very similar speed. I was sixth after pre-qualifying, so I had a good gate for the qualifying race, but I didn’t get such a good start and had to come from the back. It was very one-liney, and with everyone going a similar speed it was really difficult to pass. I was feeling like I could go faster and was being held up, but today I just got 11th and tomorrow I know I have to get a good start to be further up the field.”

Lorenzo Resta: Honda World Motocross Team Manager
“The track wasn’t so difficult and technical today, so I think with a good start, anyone here could stay close to the front. We didn’t get such a brilliant starts in the qualifying race, but both riders had a good rhythm, and Bobby was riding quite safe with his injury. Rui made some nice passes, even though it’s tough to overtake here. So for tomorrow it’s important to get good starts and we are aiming for solid results.”

(Image credit Sarah Gutierrez)


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