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Big crash sequence from Canada Heights

Big crash sequence from Canada Heights

MOTO’s man on the spot Ade Threasher managed to capture this big crash at Canada Heights of STR Honda’s Nathan Parker and Jason Varnham hitting the fence hard – real hard.

Best bit about this are the faces of the mechanics and in the mechanics area – don’t panic Mr Mannering!


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  1. stoive

    jason varnham is god!

  2. Liam Haworth

    wow, bad crash that steve, who was the guy on suzuki you know ?
    os he oright now ( nez ) ?

  3. mx racer

    why is he god?

  4. jason varnham

    im the guy on the suzuki, i came up short on the jump before and collided with the honda guy

  5. edward mountjoy

    Holy Mo thats nasty, lol look at the relentless suzuki guy he doesnt even notice until hes bein pounded by a honda!! well done ade!

  6. Simon Parker

    I can just imagine what Grahams (STR Mechanic) pit board is saying…
    Did Nez read it as he was careering towards the public LOL.


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