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New Beginnings for East Kent SSC - Winter Rd 5 Newnham Results

New Beginnings for East Kent SSC - Winter Rd 5 Newnham Results

Rd 5 of the East Kent SSC winter series saw the club unite together and pay their respects to fellow motocross rider Tom Smith, who tragically died at Mepal on Sunday 15.1.2012. It’s at times like this that the motocross community always unites to support and help those in sorrow and need, with kind generous donations and profits from the meeting raising £1010.00 for the Kent Air Ambulance. Before racing got underway at the Newnham track a minutes silence with dead engines was held in honour of Tom’s memory and our thoughts are with Tom’s family and friends.

This meeting was also going to be a start of a new beginning for EKSSC as this was their first race meeting after affiliating with the MCFederation back at their AGM meeting in December. This is sure to be an exciting time for the club and its new Chairman Mike MacGregor!

So who would be the first group out of the gates to kick off the racing season under the MCF?
Well running together and hitting the dirt first were the Auto and Junior groups. Bobby Bruce has had a fantastic winter series so far and he continued to extend his lead in the championship with a further overall podium finish after going head to head with Alfie Card, who pushed Bobby constantly for the top spot but had to settle with second overall. Little Jordan Gull had a battle of his own with Raife Broadley for third overall. It was Jordan who cracked it and took the remaining position. Tom Ovenden got a great overall result as he finished in the top six.

The Junior group just keep on excelling themselves, and riders Ike Carter and Ashley Surridge were upping the revs once again. Ashley claimed the winning overall position with Ike riding home in second. He is certainly a rider to watch out for in the future! Third overall belonged to Jake Sinden after working himself extremely hard.

Next out and also running together were the SW and BW 85’s and I’m sure most people at EKSSC would agree that there is one kid who never stops smiling. It’s the one and only Ethan Winchester! He had every reason to have the biggest smile of the day as he took all three motos for his first overall win in the SW class. The hard work paid off for Ashdon Manktelow taking a well-earned second overall with Luke Horley making the grade to keep him in third overall.

It was like watching a show down at high noon with the competitive BW riders with the front runner’s positions changing throughout the three blocks. Mitchell Lewis claimed the overall victory with Nathan Turner-Whittle having to settle with finishing in second overall, even though he put in some fast laps. Aaron Ongley secured himself the third overall spot after his consistency to stay within sight of the top positions.

As you may have guessed the Seniors were the only group to race out on their own, with some new names looking for some action. Ben Franklin was the one to watch as he moved in on the pole position, after stepping up the pace to get the overall podium finish. Both John Waghorne and Josh Bossley rode at an intense pace too to finish in second and third overall. Riders, Joe Dubins, Carl Whittam and Connor Lynds pushed each other, as they tussled for those vital points.

The last two groups to run together were the Amx and Open groups who were raring to go as usual. John Eaton took the three blocks for the overall with Sam Underhill and Aston Day taking an impressive second and third overall after their fantastic results. Lads you both rode well out there!

Pulling away out in front in the Open group was Tony Cuddy, to take all three blocks. Both Craig Bliss and Ben Crane had a superb time out on the track and were rewarded with the remaining overall positions, and rightly so too. There was no stopping the clubs very own Steve Bliss out on the track, as he was firing on all cylinders to take a fifth overall finish.

Reported By Tracey Whittam

AUTO – 1 Bobby Bruce, 2 Alfie Card, 3 Jordan Gull, 4 Raife Broadley, 5 Luke Sinden, 6 Tom Ovenden
JNR – 1 Ashley Surridge, 2 Ike Carter, 3 Jake Sinden, 4 Regan Brooks, 5 Billy Carter, 6 Rhys Cooper
SW – 1 Ethan Winchester, 2 Ashdon Mantelow, 3 Luke Horley, 4 Michael Eggett, 5 Tom Borrett, 6 Sam Ongley
BW – 1 Mitchell Lewis, 2 Nathan Turner-Whittle, 3 Aaron Ongley, 4 Connor Cramp, 5 Ryan Hayward, 6 Freddie McPherson
SNR – 1 Ben Franklin, 2 John Waghorne, 3 Josh Bosley, 4 Russell Cramp, 5 Austin Eary, 6 Joe Russell
AMX – 1 John Eaton, 2 Sam Underhill, 3 Aston Day, 4 Jamie Wood, 5 Oliver Speller, 6 Tristan Ovenden
OPEN – 1 Tony Cuddy, 2 Craig Bliss, 3 Ben Crane, 4 Paul Burr, 5 Steve Bliss, 6 Joe Pooley


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