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Bad publicity is good publicity..right?

Bad publicity is good publicity..right?

Many of you would have been sat watching the GP of Portugal yesterday with mouths wide open as Jeffrey Herlings decided to let rip LIVE on air with expletives towards Mel Pocock.

Lets break this down into small understandable pieces which might help with what is actually going on at the moment.

1/ Jeffrey Herlings is 17 years old kid with what seems the pressure of the world on his young shoulders, his desire to win at any cost is worthy of a great champion but whoever is giving him media/PR advice needs sacking.

2/ Do the riders really need a mic stuffed under their noses before they even have time to take their helmets off? We think not, maybe leave it until after the podium celebrations when the adrenaline has settled.

3/ KTM and Youthstream need to get behind the rider and show support, a kid at this age getting threats of violence made towards him on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook is unacceptable. We read one which actually threatened physical violence towards his Mum – that’s just insane and just for the record be careful what you post as you could end up in front of a judge…Malicious Communications Act 1998.

4/ Rumours were also circulating that Jeffrey had a punch up with the Tonus family and ended up in the first aid room, how true this is another matter.

5/ What he did was wrong he shouldn’t have went off on one on LIVE TV, for doing so was so say fined 3000 Euros by the FIM which is quite right too.

What ever happens from now until the end of the season we just hope it doesn’t escalate to new levels, the kid is feeling the pressure and is unfortunately cracking and not in a good way, lets get on with the racing and enjoy what’s left of the season.


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