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Aufedersein pet as motocross hits Schwedt in Germany

Aufedersein pet as motocross hits Schwedt in Germany


After Teutschenthal host the MX1 and MX2 GP, there will be another big motocross event in Germany. The 1800 metres long race track in Schwedt will be next challenge for the riders of the FIM MX3 World Championship and EMX2 European Championship.


Schwedt is an industrial city in Brandenburg, at the edge of the Lower Oder Valley National Park at the Polish border. The city has 37000 inhabitants. Traditionally the centre of a tobacco-growing region, Schwedt grew rapidly after World War II through extensive industrial development. Schwedt has one of the largest oil refineries in Germany and is the largest location of paper industry in Europe.

One of the biggest local clubs is Motorsportclub Schwedt, the organizer of the eleventh event for the FIM MX3 World Championship and tenth event for the UEM EMX2 European Championship. It will be the maiden MX3 event for the club, which has already been hosted other motocross and also sidecar events.


If at the beginning of the season looked that French rider Julien Vanni from the Team MB Honda can easily win the MX3 World Championship, his wrist injury changed his plans. He missed two events and many points, so he lost three positions in the Championship Classification. Pierre Alexandre Renet from the German team Suzuki Bodo Schmidt got two following wins and the Championsip leadership. Event in Schwedt will be home event of his team and very important also for Renet. Italian rider Alex Salvini from the Team Husqvarna Tecno B is second and he needs eleven points to catch Renet. Renet and Salvini will be favourites of the German event, where Vanni will come back in the Competition. French rider is 63 points far from the leadership, but there are five events to go. Although his arrears is huge, Vanni has still big motivation for the high position. Third is Finnish rider Antti Pyrhonen, who has the same number of points as fourth Vanni. Also fifth rider from the current Championship Classification, Slovene Matevz Irt from the Team MB Honda can conquer the German top. He is the winner of the last Croatian event.

In the EMX2 European Championsip there are bigger differences in the Championship Classification. French rider Christophe Charlier from the Yamaha Gariboldi Racing is with every race more far from other riders. He is already 47 points in front of Jeffrey Herlings from KTM JM Racing. Charlier did not win the last event, but he finished in front of Herlings. Slovenian rider Klemen Gercar, the teammate of Charlier is still third with 79 points from second Herlings and already more than 100 points far from the top. Gercar won the last event. His biggest rival for the third position Herjan Brakke from the Team Jumbo Nestaan (Honda) finished second. With 28 points of arrears Brakke remains a favourite for the Championship Top 3.


3 Christophe MARTIN, Husqvarna (France)

5 Alvaro Rico LOZANO, Yamaha (Spain)

9 Nicolai Marcher HANSEN, Suzuki (Denmark)

15 Pierre Alexandre RENET, Suzuki (France)

21 Patrick ROOS, KTM (Netherlands)

22 Gregory WICHT, Honda (Switzerland)

23 Alex SALVINI, Husqvarna (Italy)

31 Kasper JENSEN, Honda (Denmark)

33 Danijel BOZIC, KTM (Croatia)

47 Roy GIJSEL, Kawasaki (Netherlands)

48 Andreas SCHMIDINGER, Honda (Austria)

57 Oleksandr PASCHIYNSKY, KTM (Ukraine)

58 Roman MOROZOV, Yamaha (Ukraine)

59 Daniele BRICCA, Honda (Italy)

61 Mykola PASCHIYNSKY, KTM (Ukraine)

65 Julien VANNI, Honda (France)

66 Mederic DEMEURE, KTM (France)

75 Frederic SANDOULY, Honda (France)

80 Henrik GUSTAVSSON, KTM (Sweden)

83 Christoph HANCHEN, Honda (Gremany)

87 Jonathan BURN, Yamaha (Switzerland)

105 Arturs LICITIS, KTM (Latvia)

112 Toni SAULMIER, Kawasaki (France)

159 Allan Scheel HANSEN, KTM (Denmark)

163 Vitaly TONKOV, Yamaha (Russia)

164 Jimmy HUYSMANS, Yamaha (Belgium)

167 Toni WOLFF, Honda (Germany)

171 Marko KOVALAINEN, KTM (Finland)

181 Michal KADLECEK, TM (Czech Republic)

213 Antti PYRHONEN, Honda (Finland)

241 Philip RUF, Suzuki (Austria)

244 Peter REDFORD, Suzuki (Great Britain)

289 Matevz IRT, Honda (Slovenia)

421 Lauri LOKOTAR, Kawasaki (Estonia)

747 Hugo BASAULA, Suzuki (Portugal)

854 Yann PIGUET, Yamaha (France)


10 Herjan BRAKKE, Honda (Netherlands)

15 Axel ALLETRU, KTM (France)

18 Giuseppe DI PALMA, Husqvarna (Italy)

19 Scott ELFERFIELD, Honda (Great Britain)

21 Milko POTISEK, Yamaha (France)

23 Cristian OLIVA GALERA, Yamaha (Spain)

24 Pascal RAUCHENECHER, KTM (Austria)

25 Rudy MORONI, Yamaha (Italy)

26 Stuwey REIJNDERS, Suzuki (Netherlands)

28 Roberto LOMBRICI, Yamaha (Italy)

35 Gaetan VAN DEN BOSSCHE, Suzuki (Belgium)

36 Alexandr POLENOV, Suzuki (Russia)

45 Alexander Eriksson, Suzuki (Sweden)

49 Gunter SCHMIDINGER, Honda (Austria)

52 Matthias WALKNER, KTM (Austria)

58 Kevin LLAMAS, Yamaha (France)

59 Jeff CLOOTS, Suzuki (Belgium)

61 Jeremy RENKENS, Yamaha (Belgium)

62 Klemen GERCAR, Yamaha (Slovenia)

66 Alain SCHAFER, Honda (Switzerland)

68 Anders PETTERSSON, KTM (Sweden)

73 Pier Filippo BERTUZZO, Suzuki (Italy)

74 Ardo KAURIT, KTM (Estonia)

78 Yves FURLATO, Kawasaki (Switzerland)

81 Sean Rowen MITCHELL (Zimbabve)

84 Jeffrey HERLINGS, KTM (Netherlands)

90 Jordi PAEZ, Yamaha (Netherlands)

91 Filip THURESSON, Suzuki (Sweden)

97 Kasper LYNGGAARD, Yamaha (Denmark)

98 Glenn COLDENHOFF, Suzuki (Netherlands)

101 Mike VANDERSTRAETEN, Suzuki (Belgium)

102 Eric FOGUENNE, Yamaha (Belgium)

129 Davide TURCHET, Suzuki (Italy)

134 Ivan MIKAN, Yamaha (Croatia)

136 Stefan K. OLSEN, Suzuki (Denmark)

137 Enrico DAL VECCHIO, Yamaha (Italy)

140 Bart CONEN, Yamaha (Netherlands)

141 Andrea CERVELLIN, Husqvarna (Italy)

144 Sacha NAUDE, Honda (Republic of South Africa)

149 Jernej IRT, Husqvarna (Slovenia)

151 Harri KULLAS, KTM (Finland)

152 Petar PETROV, Yamaha (Bulgaria)

156 Jon SODERBERG, KTM (Finland)

157 Jan UHLIG, KTM (Germany)

158 Dennis ULLRICH, KTM (Germany)

180 Maarten VREMERS, Honda (Belgium)

203 Victor PICOTO, Suzuki (RSA)

214 Samuel ZENI, Yamaha (Italy)

233 Cedric LIEBER, KTM (Belgium)

261 Jeremy DELINCE, KTM (Belgium)

262 Giacomo DEL SEGATO, Honda (Italy)

321 Gabor FIRTOSVARI, Kawasaki (Hungary)

383 Matthias BELLINO, Yamaha (France)

430 Christophe CHARLIER, Yamaha (France)

616 David ADAM (France)

685 Stefen LENOIR, Yamaha (France)

818 Marco SCOGLER, KTM (Austria)

837 Alessandro BATTIG, Honda (Italy)


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