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Aubin demoted to 13th at Le Touquet

Aubin demoted to 13th at Le Touquet

Nicolas Aubin was quick on the all new Buildbase Honda

After running out of fuel at the entrance to the pits, Buildbase Honda racer Nicolas Aubin began to push…

Being a front-running French motocross star on his home turf, there were no shortage of helpers and while this outside assistance from other riders this was not to be Nico`s downfall, he did carve his way through the pits in (perhaps) a more direct route than he would have normally used!

Due to the slight deviation through the pits, the event officials took a negative view at the end of the race and decided to demote Aubin to 13th place.

Nico – “Of course this is disappointing, but I race to win, so, for me coming second was also disappointing”.

D.T – “I don`t want to dwell on ‘what if`s’. We are over it and focussing on the next event. As far as I am concerned, this was still a great effort from the whole team and a fantastic training exercise”.

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