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Anderson clinches RBPN title

Anderson clinches RBPN title

Ando takes the lead at RD6 of the RBPN at Desertmartin - Image by RBPN/Roxborough

Well what a titanic battle in the MX2 class as all three title challengers spent all day long banging bars and changing positions out on track. With Elliott Banks-Browne on damage limitation after finding out he has a broken bone in his hand, you would never have known though as he was charging round the track. The battle between him, Mel Pocock and Bryan Mackenzie was truly breath taking to watch as they fought their way round the epic Desertmartin track. The action in the MX1 class was as equally exciting as Martin Barr took his first clean sweep of the season, trying to take the fight to Brad Anderson and hoping to take the title down to the last round. With Barr having his birthday the day before, he certainly gave himself the best birthday present, two race wins in front of his home fans. However, Anderson knew what he needed to do and two second places were enough for him to clinch the championship for a second year running.

In the first race Martin Barr dominated with an impressive start to finish win where he pulled out an impressive seven second lead by the end of the first lap. Anderson had a poor start but quickly moved through the pack and up to second, Krestinov kept him company right till the end of the race. Barr in the meantime had cleared off in to the distance some 13 seconds in front, unheard of for this season with Anderson’s dominance. The MX2 boys as usual were mixing it up at the front of the field and there was nothing to separate EBB, Pocock and Mackenzie all day long. EBB led the way through most of the first race with Mackenzie in second and Pocock running in third. Pocock was a man on a mission and certainly impressed his team’s home fans as he fought his way past Mackenzie and Banks-Browne to take his first race win of the season.

In the second race Barr took the holeshot once again but this time he had Anderson for company and the two of them soon started to gap the rest of the field. Nathan Parker had a good start again and managed to keep it on two wheels this time with a relatively untroubled race and finished third in the race and fourth overall on the day. With the rain pouring down the conditions became very tricky and the majority of the riders ended up losing their goggles and it became a bit more of a war of attrition. In the MX2 class it was the turn of Pocock to take the lead but Mackenzie had other ideas, he took over the lead on lap 5 and Banks-Browne moved past Pocock on lap eight. It was all change again by lap 10 Pocock was back into second and set after Mackenzie. Pocock took the lead on lap 12 and then EBB got passed Mackenzie but on the last lap Banks-Browne was having difficulties with his wrist and the conditions and slipped back down to third. With the race drawing to a close the day was wrapped up with two race wins for Relentless Suzuki by TAS rider Mel Pocock and with Mackenzie and EBB tieing on points, Mackenzie got the second overall for the better last race result. Banks-Browne now sits just 24 points ahead of Mel Pocock with Bryan Mackenzie a further 32 points back. This one is set to go down to the very last race of the season. The MX1 class is all said and done and it is between Barr and Krestinov to battle out the second place in the championship.

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