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Anderson celebrates Belfast Supercross win

Anderson celebrates Belfast Supercross win

Round 2 of the British Supercross Championship promoted by Future West took place at the Odyssey Arena in Belfast. With a bumper crowd of passionate and excited Irish Fans the evening produced some exciting racing in all classes during the evening.

The tight track inside the Odyssey Arena would see a lot of close racing as the track caught out a number of riders. The opening whoops sections saw more than the fair share of crashes, catching out the likes of Tom Church and Stephen Sword. The Odyssey track also claimed a few victims in the shape of Lewis Gregory and Danny Tollet, Gregory crashed out whilst leading his heat race and broke a bone in his hand.

The evening started with Bradshaw, Aubin and Barr all taking the wins in the SX Lights heat races and transferring direct to the Main event. In the SX class it was Anderson, Barr and Aubin that again transferred direct to the main event. But it was Tom Church, Stephen Sword that had to go to the LCQ’s after crashing in their heat races.

Before the main event it was time for the Head to Head competition and the Irish crowd had dug dip and raised a total of £700 for the victor. Eight riders battled it out for the cash, with Ashley Greedy lining up beside Carl Brogden in a less dramatic encounter this time around. The other dramatic encounter was between Anderson and Irish lad Edmonds. Edmonds went into the whoops section and realised he had no back brake and into Anderson and took him down. Edmonds continued on but Anderson crossed the track and tried his own version of the ‘Barcia Block’ to the disliking of the Belfast crowd. Edmonds advanced to the final against Greedy, but it would be Greedy who reclaimed his title as the Head to Head King.

The SX Lights final saw Nicolas Aubin take a superb race win ahead of fellow Honda rider Neville Bradshaw and Martin Barr in third place.

Brad Anderson led the SX1 final from the start ahead of a freight train of following riders, including Bradshaw, Church, Crockard, Aubin and Barr. Martin Barr kept the home fans happy near the front early on until a small slip saw him slip back to the tail end of the field. The result would see Anderson take the win over Bradshaw and Church.

Brad now leads the British Supercross championship in the SX1 class.

Images by Ramsey Cardy
Words by Rick Blyth

Auto Final
111. Buster Hart
79 Bobby Bruce
50 Liam Brosnan
4 Luke Williamson
124 james Haddow
39 Ross Mateer
71 Joshua Mackrel
814 Adam Wells
2 Ross Simpson
44 Jay Sherry
66 Rossi Dobson

65cc Final
78 Harry Kimber
123 Rossi Beard
2 Callum Beeken
41 Reagan Brookes
222 Ben Burridge
22 Ryan Mawhinney
75 Declam Hunter
32 Preston Williams
18 Ryan Thompson
1 Conner Mullan

Supermini Final
9 Gradie Featherstone
381 Scooter Webster
75 Joe Jefferies
17 Karl Noble
123 Chelesea Gowland
103 James Mackrel
119 Kurtis Williams
12 Rickie Heffernan
22 Joel’e Hart
16 Sam Paffey

Small Wheel 85
23 Taylor Hammal
9 luke Reading
45 Will Keogh
60 Dylan Woodcock
24 Rhys Graham
112 Aaron Booker
20 Richard Kerr
5 Billy King
172 Jay Davies
75 Jordan Foster
241 Nathan Claughan
11 Ross Heffernan

Clubman Lites Final
3 Chris Bayliss
33 Daniel Brough
153 James Harrison
222 George Purchase
994 Damon Brooks
95 Dan Thornhill
111 Gregory Fisher
144 Ryan Mason
666 MalachI Mitchell – Thomas
377 Craig Browne
741 Mark Dougherty

Youth Lites
200 James Dunn
3 Chris Bayliss
95 Dan Thornhill
153 James Harrison
337 Glen mcCormack
666 MalachI Mitchell – Thomas
11 Sam winterburn
17 Luke Smith
107 Mark Carvill
994 Damon Brooks

Quad Final
3 Michael McAneney
14 Justin Reid
9 Jamie Clarke
85 mark Watson
660 Conner Smith
101 Scott Sinclair
7 Tom Claireuux
23 Oliver Sansom

SX Lites Final
131 Nicolas Aubin
272 Neville Bradshaw
50 Martin Barr
2 Stephen Sword
162 Stuart Edmonds
X1 Jack Brunell
133 Ashley Greedy
3 Ryan Voase
200 James Dunn
141 Damon Strydom
40 Luke Burton
73 luke Norris

SX Final
60 Brad Anderson
272 Neville Bradshaw
1 Tom Church
7 Gordon Crockard
131 Nicolas Aubin
133 Ashley Greedy
X1 Jack Brunell
162 Stuart Edmonds
2 Stephen Sword
3 Ryan Voase
50 martin Barr
25 Jamie Lewis


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