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The Dursley MXC again showed the way to promote top level motocross with their superb presentation of the AMCA MX Championships(Round 6) at Nympsfield on Sunday.Their sterling efforts in ensuring a well prepared track,with an abundance of further water on hand if required was rewarded by a good crowd level and yet another AMCA thriller!!.In MX1,Clinton Barrs,back to his very best,was to take the win ahead of Richard Cannings and Lee Dunham who maintains his title chasing advantage.The biggest benefactor though during round six was without doubt MX2 series leader Shane Holmes.Whilst the IDS Transport Yamaha pilot took the overall win,joined on the podium by the very impressive young duo of Ryan Morris and Kristofer Ayres,his closest rivals in the title race, Ben Saunders,Jack Taylor and Paul Neale did not enjoy the best of fortunes.So,Sunday’s results means that Holmes has now almost doubled his MX2 Championship lead and with just two rounds remaining boasts a massive 111 point advantage.

With the excitement levels pumped to maximum temperature thanks to the excellent Master of Ceremonies,Mr Marky Mark Parmenter,it was time to go racing and as the gate dropped for MX1 moto one,Clinton Barrs grabbed the holeshot and lead Lee Payne,Glen Phillips,Richard Cannings,Jamie Dobson and home favourite Lee Dunham.Lap two,and Payne was in control having passed Barrs,but in a frantic opening,it was as you were as Barrs then soared back to the front of the pack.Also on the move was Cannings,eventually getting up into 2nd to make it a very nervous finish.However,Barrs was not to be denied,hanging on for the win with Cannings charging hard in 2nd,Payne 3rd, Dunham 4th,Aran Agius taking 5th after initially gating 10th,Phillips 6th,Dobson 7th and Michael Reynolds 8th.After falling on turn one,James Lane finished 23rd.

Fast starting Payne led MX1 moto two with Barrs,Luke Meredith and Cannings for close company whilst Dunham was surprisingly down in 9th.With Cannings then quickly relegating Meredith,a super three way battle was to develop for the race advantage whilst Dobson and Agius also locked horns in a great scrap for 5th.On lap four,Cannings then stamped his authority on proceedings but although being in control he was certainly made to work very hard for the win as the determined duo of Barrs and Payne pushed him all the way to the finish line.With Dunham recovering to get home in 4th,Dobson eventually got the better of Agius with Meredith slipping to 7th,just ahead of Stephen Tillotson,Marc Popperwell and Phillips who had initially gated well down in 23rd spot.

After being far from happy with his starting at Nympsfield,Dunham then responded in the best way possible, getting his head down and pulling off a dream holeshot in the final MX1 clash of the day,only to lose that advantage on lap one,being passed by a super-quick Payne.Meanwhile,Cannings hopes of overall glory were in tatters after being involved in a turn two collision which was to relegate him to 30th spot.Whilst Cannings started his comeback ride,Payne controlled at the front for the next six laps despite coming under immense pressure from the smooth Dunham.Eventually the LPE Kawasaki pilot made his move,using his vast home track knowledge to make a quality pass stick just three laps from home and there he remained.With a happy Dunham taking the win,Barrs passed Phillips and Agius to earn a stylish 3rd and also a deserved overall win on the day.Having a strong meeting, Dobson got home 6th,one place infront of a frustrated Cannings as Reynolds,Matthew Williamson and Rich Meakin rounded off the top ten.Dunham’s victory in this final moto was to also earn him the final podium step after finishing the meeting locked on the same 154 points total as Payne.

After the excitement of the MX2 Championship action during the last round at Branston,what would happen next at Nympsfield?.Well,for starters,both Matt Porter and Ryan Crowder fell on the opening turn of moto one as Paul Neale led the charge with Ben Saunders,Jack Taylor,Ryan Morris,making his Kawasaki Championship debut,Shane Holmes and Lewis Abbott in hot pursuit.Lap two,and Saunders slipped off,dropping back to 7th and collecting Taylor in the process.Although both riders quickly remounted,Taylor crashed again one lap later,falling right back to 30th after then being duly run over!!.Up top,leader Neale was coming under serious pressure from first Morris then Holmes.In another thriller and just two laps from home,the super Holmes was in control and on his way to yet another MX2 victory with Neale taking 2nd,Morris 3rd,Saunders 4th,Sean Frayne 5th,Kristofer Ayres 6th,Abbott 7th and Carl Benjamin a strong 8th after initially gating 19th.First turn fallers Porter and Crowder finished 14th and 22nd respectively whilst a very battered and bruised Taylor gallantly took 16th.

Joseph Del-Busso led the moto two charge but before the completion of lap one the stylish Morris had already hit the front.Whilst Del-Busso gradually slipped down to 9th,this race again produced plenty of top class MX2 action.Up top,Neale was now right on the tail-pipe of Morris as Taylor and Holmes moved through from early 12th and 9th spots to eventually finish a great 3rd and 4th respectively.The main tussle in this clash though raged for 5th as Ayres,Abbott, Benjamin and Matt Porter slugged it out lap after lap!.It was to be South Coast based Abbott who won that verdict whilst Morris remained cool to guide his Kawasaki home for its maiden MX2 Championship win.For title chasing Saunders though,this moto was to prove to be disasterous,falling twice and eventually finishing way down in 25th whilst fuel starvation problems left Frayne frustrated and in 22nd spot.

As Holmes grabbed the final MX2 moto holeshot,the very unlucky Taylor again bit the dirt on turn one.At the front though the battle was again red-hot as local favourite Neale quickly slotted into 2nd,inserting heavy pressure on Holmes.However by his own admission,Neale was to then rush his challenge for the lead,falling and dropping right back to 34th place after his bike stubbornly refused to restart.So with his chances of overall victory just about over,it was now a quest to salvage as many Championship points as possible.With Neale out of contention,the stylish Holmes controlled the moto all the way to the chequered flag as Saunders gained some compensation by getting home in 2nd after a great battle with Morris.Rounding off easily his best AMCA Championship performance so far,Ayres finished a great 4th in this clash,just ahead of Abbott,Frayne and Porter.In a contrast of fortunes,Taylor after his turn one fall produced a superb comeback to blast from last 8th whilst Mathia was forced out when in 7th after losing a contact lens!!.What about Neale then?,well Paul had to settle for 22nd spot and a final 5th overall.

In the Nympsfield support action there were overall victories for Lee Clarkson,Joe Russell,Simon Aldridge,Harry James and Aaron Hardiman,with Seniors rider Aldridge bagging a great maximum score.Well done again to the Dursley MXC for their presentation of another great AMCA Championship event!.


CHAMPIONSHIP NON-QUALIFIERS SPONSORED BY FARM MEATS EASTER COMPTON AND BERKELEY HEATH MOTORS 1 Lee Clarkson 162 points 2 Chris Rudd 160 3 Nathan Smith 142 4 Barry James 133 5 Jake Humphreys 131.

EXPERTS UNLIMITED  SPONSORED BY FARM MEATS EASTER COMPTON AND BERKELEY HEATH MOTORS 1 Joe Russell 174 points 2 Mike Woolf 168 3 James Price 144 4 Zeb Rhodes 134 5 John Heath 133.

SENIORS UNLIMITED   SPONSORED BY LANDCARE SERVICES 1 Simon Aldridge 180 points 2 Richard Collins 162  3 Damian O’Brien-Jones 150 4 Ryan Waterhouse 129 5 Harry Garraway 115.

JUNIORS UNLIMITED  SPONSORED BY SUPERIOR PROPERTY SERVICES AND LEIGH DELAMERE 1 Harry James 168 points 2 Vincent Drewitt 147 3 Bradley Carter 144 4 Shane Hampton-Neale 127  5 William Kirby 120.

INTER-JUNIORS   SPONSORED BY DRIVEPATH COMPUTER SERVICES 1 Aaron Hardiman 174 points 2 Ross Jones 164   3 James Kay 151 4 Rhys James 142 5 Samuel Bye 137.

Words and images by Mike Wood


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