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Aberdeen & District Motocross Club are back on track

Aberdeen & District Motocross Club are back on track

After what has seemed like a really long wait from the end of the 2011 season, the day finally arrived – Race day!
After near monsoon condidtions saw fit to cancelling the 1st round of the Aberdeen & District Motocross Club championship on 13th April, the sun gods were looking after us this time, with prefect hot and clear conditions on Sunday 27th May.

The round kicked off, and although the club is now under the banner of the MC Federation, the format of the day didn’t change thanks to the committee members keeping the same format as previous years.

There was a massive turn out on the day with 104 riders in attendance. The warm conditions made the track very dry, so after it was watered and the marshals were in position the racing could begin. With a huge roar of bikes, and eager riders, the practice sessions kicked off in odd’s and even’s format.

The Auto’s took to the track for the first race of day, with Logan Hendry taking the hole shot. With 4 minutes left in the race Reece Dawson took the lead, followed closely by Logan taking 2nd place.

Next up were the C’s, and with 33 riders signed up, this was sure to be an interesting race. Last year’s winner Liam MacVeigh, is now racing in the B’s, so the championship is for anyone to win! Amos McMullan was the first rider over the line, but Ian Souter soon took the lead. Gordon Nicol had a good first race, and ended up 2nd over the line.

B’s next, and the 25 riders were eager to get racing. Kevin Charles was first over the line, he held this position well, but Iain McKenzie wasn’t far behind, and took the lead on the 3rd lap. Grant Guest took 2nd position, with Kevin Charles finishing in 3rd.

13 riders in the A’s and great excitement to see some good battles between riders, first over the line was Grant Fraser. Simon Downing soon took the lead a few laps in and managed to keep a good lead, but Jamie George was riding well, and took the first race win. Aaron McCarroll took 2nd place.

The 125’ didn’t disappoint either, and with Keiran Hunter taking 1st place over the line, he defended well, but Jack Taylor managed to take the lead, and as the laps progressed, took a long lead over Keiran, to eventually win the race.

Big Wheels and Small Wheels took to the track together and with Ben Edwards (BW) taking the lead from the start, Troy Anderson (SW) took third place. Ben raced ahead with a good lead, and took the race win. RJ McKenzie took 1st place in the Small Wheels followed by Dylan Carnegie (SW) in 2nd place.

The 65’s race saw Jake McLeod taking the lead, followed closely by Owen Hendry. Adam Scott, Ciara Robertson, and Andrew Grant, also raced well. Owen Hendry took the race win.

As temperatures hit 30 degrees at mid-day, racers and spectators were enjoying the weather conditions, and riders also took advantage of an on-site Physio service, for arm pump, and one or two leg complaints.

Races 2 and 3 for each class got under way, after a much needed track watering, and ice-cream stop.

Reece Dawson and Logan Hendry were the riders to beat in the Autos, Reece took 1st in the second race, and Logan took 1st in the 3rd race.

Ian Souter was on top form, taking his second race win in the C’s. Lee Elrick managed to get a good start in race 3, and battled hard with Brian Andrews and Gordon Nicol to take 1st place in race 3.

Ash Darling was first over the line in race 2 of the B’s, with Iain McKenzie a very close 2nd. Race 3 saw Paul Skelton taking his first race win of the day, followed by Iain McKenzie who managed to take 2nd place again.

Simon Downing was feeling the pressure in race 2 of the A’s, with Jamie George hot on his tail. Race order then changed and saw Aaron McCarroll taking the win ahead of Jamie George in 2nd place. Aaron McCarroll was still on top form, and again took the 3rd race win, followed by Ricky Mair in 2nd place.

Keiran Hunter was the rider to beat in the 125’s, but he managed to take 1st place in both race 2 and 3. Robert Smith took 2nd place in race 2, and Jack Taylor took 2nd in race 3.

RJ McKenzie and Dylan Carnegie seemed unstoppable in races 2 and 3, and in each race RJ took 1st place, followed by Dylan in a close 2nd for the small wheels. The same had to be said for Ben Edwards and Reece Robertson in the Big Wheels, Ben taking 1st in each race, followed by Reece in 2nd.

In the 65’s Owen Hendry was the lad on form, taking all three race wins of the day. In race 2, Jake McLeod took 2nd place, and in race 3, Adam Scott took those all-important extra points for 2nd place.

The next Club Round is scheduled for 15th July.

Results for the day as follows:

Logan Hendry
Reece Dawson
Connor Stewart
Ayden Smith
Jamie MacKay
Dayle Robertson
Cody Taylor

Owen Hendy
Jake McLeod
Adam Scott
Ciara Robertson
Andrew Grant

85 (SW)
RJ McKenzie
Dylan Carnegie
Finlay Retson
Lee Sim
Taylor Mair

85 (BW)
Ben Edwards
Reece Robertson
Keir Mudie
Calum McBain
Ryan Nathan
Shane Sinclair

125 (school boys)
Keiran Hunter
Jack Taylor
Robert Smith
Ewan Arthur
Kieran McCarroll
David Smith

Aaron McCarroll
Jamie George
Simon Downing
Jason Martin
George Stewart
Aidan Bruce

Iain McKenzie
Grant Guest
Ash Darling
Paul Skelton
Alex Mitchell
Daniel Bowie

Ian Souter
Brian Andrews
Barry Hendry
Gordon Nicol
Lee Elrick
Mark Farquhar


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