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65cc,85cc and Open class results from Zarnesti EMX

65cc,85cc and Open class results from Zarnesti EMX

Lewis Lloyd


The first round of the 65cc EMX and the second round of 85cc EMX and EMX Open were held on
the 17th of April in Zarnesti (Romania). The weekend was real hard
with the weather on Saturday muddy and cold, with 2 degrees and on Sunday with
freezing temperatures with -6 degrees in the morning and Sunny weather during the races.

In the 65cc EMX class the first race was won by Riccardo Lauretti in front of Roan Van Moosdijk
and Romanian Robert Krizthian Tompa. The second race was won by Jorge Prado Garcia in
front of Jan Jakobon and third Riccardo Lauretti.

In the first race of the 85cc EMX, the victory went to Jorge Zaragoza Beltran, with second
position to Davy Pootyes in front of Rostyslax Voytsycky. Jorge Zaragoza Beltran won also the
second race, with second position to Rostyslax Voytsycky in front of Lorenzo Ravera.

The EMX Open class was dominated by Evgeni Tyletski who won both races, second place in
both races went to Peter Bartos. Third position went to Nils Apfelbaums in the first race and to
Saso Kragelj in the second race.

The provisional rankings see Riccardo Lauretti leading the 65cc EMX with 45 points; Jorge
Zaragoza Beltran leading the 85cc EMX with 92 points and Evgeni Tyletski leading the EMX
Open with 100 points.

The next round of the 65cc EMX will be held on the 15th of May in Arco di Trento (Italy).

Thesecond round of 85cc EMX will be held on the 24th of April in Troyan (Bulgaria). The second
round of the EMX Open will be held on the 22nd of May in Brezice (Slovenia).


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