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The 2012 Husaberg’s are HERE!

The 2012 Husaberg’s are HERE!

For model year 2012 Husaberg will be 100% Enduro and with the addition of a sixth model to the Enduro line-up the Swedish brand once again addresses a completely new target group.

In model year 2012 Husaberg clearly focuses on its core competence again – Enduro. From the very beginning back in 1988, when a couple of Swedish Enduro enthusiasts decided to develop and build a radically new Enduro machine, up until today, Enduro was always the brand’s inner core. The Enduro bikes have always been the brand’s most valuable assets and so the decision was taken to go “back to the roots” and become 100% Enduro again.

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A new model for new Husaberg riders

Husaberg wants to open up access to the brand for even more Enduro enthusiasts. Therefore the model range is further expanded by the addition of a new model, the TE 125. After the racing success of the bigger bore 2-stroke models last year (victory at Hell’s Gate, The Tough One, Extreme Lagares and Vice-World Indoor Enduro Championship title) this new addition to the model range will attract even more new customers to Husaberg – passionate 2-stroke riders on one hand and young Enduro racers on the other.

The TE 125 is unbeatable in terms of handling and with the top of the range components it shares with its siblings, such as the closed cartridge fork, machined triple clamps and translucent 11 litre tank, it will be an easy choice for all E1 racers who want the best price/performance ratio in the class.

New look, better “Husability”

The look of the 2012 model range has been refreshed not only by new graphics but also by very useful changes and additions. One very practical update which also contributes to the fresh and light overall appearance of the bikes is the completely translucent fuel tank for all FE and TE models, making it easy to determine the fuel level.

FE 450
TE 300
TE 125

In addition to the distinct yellow coated frame, the motocross handguards offer excellent protection and further underlines the high level of equipment offered as standard on the 2012 Husaberg models, such as the frame protection (all models) and the engine protection (all models except TE 125).

Only the best components
Husaberg remains true to its premium standards and all models feature top of the range suspension with a closed cartridge fork and a fully adjustable PDS shock. The fork is held in place by machined triple clamps, the upper triple clamp is a new, lighter and more rigid version offering even better clamping characteristics for the 2012 models.

The high performance brakes featured on the 2012 Husaberg models are again supplied by Brembo, the radiator shrouds are manufactured using the latest in mould technology making them more resistant to wear and the hydraulic clutch and the electric start button (all models except TE 125) are mounted on an extremely rigid Neken aluminium handlebar.

The big bore 2-stroke models, the TE 250 and TE 300, receive a new reed valve block for even better throttle response and the TE 300 also features a new cylinder for increased bottom end power. The standard on-the-move ignition curve switch is replaced in model year 2012 by a new, smaller version previously only available as a Husaberg accessory.

Last but not least Husaberg will be expanding the Husaberg Factory Team’s long-standing co-operation with Michelin on the standard bikes by equipping all models with Michelin Enduro Competition III tyres.

The 2012 Husaberg models stand above the competition in terms of the top end components supplied as standard across the range. Furthermore for 2012 Husaberg model pricing offers even greater value for money than before:

TE 125 £5745
TE 250 £6445
TE 300 £6645
FE 390 £6895
FE 450 £6995
FE 570 £7095.


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