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The MOTO Radio Show goes LIVE TONIGHT at 8pm

The MOTO Radio Show goes LIVE TONIGHT at 8pm

The MOTO Radio Show goes LIVE TONIGHT at 8pm

Listen to last nights MOTO Radio Show right here.

Great news for off-road fans in the UK as a brand new online radio show is set to hit the airwaves.
On Tuesday October 30th at 8pm “The MOTO Show” will be live here on the MOTO Magazine website.

The presenters of the show are Ray Chuss our online editor and “Disco” Stuart Flockhart who are set to keep you amused for an hour or so LIVE from the studio.

Chussy explains why now, “The show itself has been planned for probably 2 years but due to site changes and a few other things it just wasn’t the right time to launch a radio show on MOTO, both myself and Stu have presented on Bikerfm but things change and with the huge audience we get on MOTO and MXTRAX plus our social media sites the time is now right.

Expect some cool guests as well as lot of interesting talk about our industry which will keep the listeners amused and interested and for everyone listening it will be very interactive.

As an example we mentioned the big rumour in our Hawkstone Park GP promo show below, when the show is LIVE you can join in the conversation by adding comments in the discussion box and we will also link up news items around that discussion which will keep it interesting for everyone. Plus we will have exclusive competitions, giveaways and stuff like that. 

At the present time we have no interest in playing music but that could change in the future. You can also listen to the show LIVE with any mobile device, so if you’re in the car log into the MOTO site and as long as you have a 3G/WI-FI connection you can listen.”

This is what you will see on the front page on Tuesday. When you see a small LIVE icon you know we are broadcasting LIVE.

We hope this explains everything and hope to see you guys on Tuesday LIVE at 8pm – here’s our promo introduction show.

  1. Ray Mayes

    Ray, I can’t believe that you think that there is a negative with Hawkstone holding a GP,again everything revolves around Youthstream and there way, I’ve been going to Hawkstone since the 50s when they had 80,000 plus crowds and everyone saw the races, it’s also about time we started riding real courses again instead of fucking Micky Mouse track builder creations that fit on the edge of a car parks. Gary Ford has to be one of the most experienced promoters there is and he would not do it if it was not feasible.

  2. Carson

    I think Shaun should ride a TM 250 two stroke for 2013 and wipe the floor with everyone!

  3. Gav Jones

    just logged on from dunfermline, gutted i missed what simpson had to say

  4. stu 'disco' flock

    just click the play button above dude ^^^^


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