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Moto Candy - Kate

Moto Candy - Kate

The first of our MOTO Candy for 2010 is 19 year old Kate from Hull. Kate is studying graphic design at University and hopes one day she will be able to work as a designer for a magazine, Kate also has a keen interest in photography which is a double bonus for the talented blonde who happens to be a qualified lifeguard.

Also checkout the 2010 Henderson Maxxis LPE Kawasaki of Jordan Rose who will be competing at the Maxxis British championship and Red Bull Pro series.
You can find out more on the team on the website HERE

Checkout more of Kate at her online modeling portfolio RIGHT HERE

Click the pictures and download to your desktops.

Images by Ray Chuss

  1. Dave...

    Still looking good after all thease years pudin ;-) Ant spoke in a few weeks now, hope eveything is going well 4 u,,, dnt sack your corse off like i did tho due to drink and drugs! Guess u may of hurd im supposed to be going to prison 26th of may, hope not! in lots of trouble :-( o dear! Anyway still proud of you and your an amazing person! proud to say i spent some of the best years of my life snuggled up 2 such a beautifull, special person, never said thankyou for being such a great girlfriend! Shame it came 2 such a shitty end!!! Hope you get 2 read this and i get to see you 1 last time b4 i go, ring my house sometime, had my mob taken as evidence, lol, bye chick…………………………………………………. P.S. Sorry if i imbarest you with my pudin bit, lol, bet u still do the voice from time to time tho, hahaha!!!
    love always David xxx

  2. Dave...

    And i do like that kxf your sat on,,, u no i love my bikes!!! :-) Dave xxx


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