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YMSA SUPERNATIONAL Sherwood 28.07.12

YMSA SUPERNATIONAL Sherwood 28.07.12

The Y.M.S.A would like to dedicate Sherwood Super National meeting to Ryan Mason and to wish him all the best in his recovery.

The sun was beaming as the riders and supporters gathered at Sherwood for day one of the Y.M.S.A super national. The atmosphere was geared towards a great weekend of racing and family fun.
The autos were first out of the start gates. Jonty Wright was out of the gate like a rocket leading the race from the start. He went on to win all three of the day’s races. Jack Grayson and Ben Clark battled between themselves in races one and two for 2nd and 3rd positions. Oliver Foxen made a determined effort to steel 3rd form Ben Clark in the third race.

Junior riders Lewis Hall, Eddie Wade and Danny Clarke had a great first race fighting for the top three slots but Lewis struggled to keep the pace in race two finishing 17th . He was back on top by the last race of the day finishing 1st with George Hollings 2nd and Eddie Wade a close 3rd.

The small wheeled 85’s had a great first days racing with battles for positions going off throughout. Nathan Claoge fought hard to be the lead rider and was successful in races two and three and finished 2nd to Luke Reading in the first race.

Jack Naylor and Kenny Ryalls battled for holeshot for the big wheel 85’s and started to fight for 1st and 2nd when the race had to be red flagged and restarted. Adrenaline pumped on the start gate as the eager riders waited to see if they would be able to pull off another great start. Kenny bagged the holeshot on the restart but Jack claimed the win and went on to win the next two races.
Adult A rider Corey Nemeth had a great day taking holeshot in all three races but missed out on the win in races two and three finishing 2nd to Thomas Batty then Ashley Smith. A great ride by Rob Davidson earned him 3rd in races one and three and a 5th position in race two after a battle with Thomas Batty who claimed 4th.

William Devlin shot into the lead at the start of the first races of the day for the adult B’s but could not keep the pace finishing 13th, his positions did improve as the day went on finishing 12th then 11th. He even managed to bag himself another holeshot on the third race. The top spot went to Tom Doughty having a fantastic ride claiming two wins and a 2nd.

Adult C’s were on top form when Troy Flynn went from finishing 17th in the first race to entertaining the crowd with holeshot and a win in the final race of the day. Race one saw Andy Hall push past Sonny Lowther for 1st whereas race two was claimed by Gary Stevens who unfortunately didn’t make the other races.

The senior/youth race was dominated by Macauley Madden who after been pushed from the lead to 3rd in the first race would not settle for anything less than the win in the following two races. After taking the win in race one Josh Bentley could not close the gap on Macauley in races two and three earning him 2nd place in both races.

After a hard day racing in the heat and dust all the riders had earned a well deserved drink. Riders and spectators took time out to relax and enjoy the party. But how would that affect the following days racing?

The paddock woke to sunshine and the riders were all revved up for day two of the Super National at Sherwood. A very dry dusty track caused delays but that did not affect the mood in the paddock. Everyone was ready to race.

The autos opened the days racing and all riders gave 100% in both races, each rider was determined to get their best possible position. The top spot went to Jonty Wright who missed out on a clean sweep in the last race of the weekend to Jack Grayson. Further down the pack Ellie Birch and Luke McShane had a huge battle for 18th and 19th in race one and again for 17th and 18th in race two. Keeton Cooper and Leon Travis also went head to head for 10th and 11th.

The juniors were also off to a fantastic start in the first of day twos racing. Danny Clark made holeshot but could not hold the lead finishing 3rd to Eddie Wade and Lewis Hall who went on to battle again in race two this time with Lewis getting the upper hand. A close race was run at the back of the field with some excellent riding from Kyle Larcombe, Tyrone Robinson and Jude McKenzie.
The small wheel 85’s saw Nathan Clauge, Luke Reading and Sammy Price fighting for the top three spots but Ben Burridge also wanted a piece of the action managing to steel 3rd from Nathan Clauge in the final race of the weekend. Sammy fought for holeshot in both races but after a battle with Nathan in the first race and with Luke in the second the most he could hope for was a 2nd place finish. He finished 3rd overall for the weekend.

Joe Jacques fought for two holeshots for the big wheel 85’s but could not keep hold of the lead in either race missing out to Jack Naylor who bagged maximum points and claimed first place overall. Joe held off Kenny Ryalls in the first race but was not so successful in race two and finished with 3rd place and 3rd place overall.

Once again Thomas Batty did it for the adult A’s and finished on top overall. Corey Nemeth gave Thomas a good run for his money finishing 2nd overall with Ashley Smith a very close 3rd.
Adult B’s had two great races with Mark Pattison finally getting his turn at the top in the last race of the weekend and finishing 2nd overall. Ashley Horsnall appeared to have a battle with most of the riders on the track at some stage during the weekend with finishes ranging from 16th to 1st and managing to finish a fantastic 3rd overall.

Adult C’s yet again offered two entertaining races with a superb battle for 1st and 2nd between Troy Flynn and Sonny Lowther resulting in Troy just having the edge on Sonny in both races.
Finally the senior/youth riders had their chance to show the supporters what they are made of. Macauley Madden didn’t hold back creating a massive lead between him and Josh Bentley in both races. Luke Atkinson tried his best to keep the pace in the first race finishing 3rd. Luke Shaw was left to battle with Dan Strangeway for his 4th position before pulling away leaving Dan to fight with James Henderson for 5th and 6th. Things were tight between Isaac Bown and William Heslip both riders determined to make the final two races count. With just one point between them Isaac just managed to get the trophy for 15th.

Thanks to all the riders and their families for showing their support and making the Y.M.S.A Super National an enjoyable weekend. The Y.M.S.A would also like to thank everyone who sponsored the event and everyone who gave their time to make it possible.

We hope to see you all at the next meeting.

Written by Claire Worth

1: Jonty Wright 2: Jack Grayson 3: Ben Clark
4: Oliver Foxen 5: Cameron Box 6: Jaygo Beasty
1: Lewis Hall 2: Eddie Wade 3: Danny Clarke
4: George Hollings 5: Brogan Johnson 6: Kurtis Griffiths
SW 85
1: Nathan Clauge 2: Luke Reading 3: Sammy Price
4: Ben Burridge 5: Kyde Marlow 6: Jake Waterworth
BW 85
1: Jack Naylor 2: Kenny Ryalls 3: Joe Jacques
4: Ashley Wheelhouse 5: Rob Ainley 6: Aaron Burns
1: Thomas Batty 2: Corey Nemeth 3: Ashley Smith
4: Rob Davidson 5: Jamie Ellis 6: Jamie Simpson
1: Tom Doughty 2: Mark Pattison 3: Ashley Horsnall
4: Josh Mieszczak 5: Lee Huddleston 6: James Walker
1: Troy Flynn 2: Sonny Lowther 3: Andy Hall
4: Andrew Wilson 5: Lee Ruthford 6: Mark Birchell
1: Macauley Madden 2: Josh Bentley 3: Luke Atkinson
4: James Henderson 5: Luke Shaw 6: Dan Strangeway


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