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YMSA Championship round 10

YMSA Championship round 10

We had an excellent days racing at Fatcats Moto parc. The weather was finally on our side, the track was in near perfect condition and with a turnout of 250 riders the start gates were full.

The cadets were first on the track with Keeton Cooper claiming holeshot in races one and two but was unable to keep the pace finishing 11th overall. Ben Clark had a fantastic run finishing first in all three races with Oliver Wood a close 2nd.

Lewis Hall tried for a clean sweep for the juniors but failed in the third race finishing 3rd to Eddie Wade and Danny Clarke.

Ben Burridge made a great effort for 1st in race two of the day with holeshot after finishing 3rd in race one. He finished 2nd overall with Daniel Shepherd taking the top spot for the small wheel 85’s.

Visitor Jordan Eccles had a great days racing with the YM to claim 1st position in all three races for the big wheels. With our own Jack Naylor and Will Jeonney taking 2nd and 3rd.
In the school boy class Maccauley Madden fought hard against two day members to bag himself two 3rds and a 1st taking 2nd place overall. Daryl Wallace claimed 1st and Robbie Dowson 3rd.

Adult A made exciting racing with day members Jake Millward, Patrick Major and Ashley Smith taking the top three slots overall. James Nottingham saved the day for the YM members coming 4th overall with a 5th, 3rd and a 4th.

Adult B did not disappoint with three great races with battles for positions from the start. Day members Craig Maddock and Mark Trow earned 1st and 2nd overall with Will Stafford bagging 3rd. Aaron Woodall pulled back position after a shaky 12th place finish in the first race to finish a well earned 4th overall.

Adult C was again dominated by day members taking the first three positions overall. Final positions were decided in the final race as very little separated the top eight places after the first two races.

Written by Claire Worth
Photographs by Lisa Griffiths

Results overall
Cadets: 1st Ben Clark 2nd Oliver Woods 3rd Harvey Game
4th Oliver Foxon 5th Kieran Austin 6th Kieran Danby
Juniors: 1st Lewis Hall 2nd Eddie Wade 3rd Danny Clarke
4th Lewis Wood 5th Kurtis Griffiths 6th Brogan Johnson
S/W 85:1st Daniel Shepherd 2nd Ben Burridge 3rd Benjamin Knight
4th Jake Winnard 5th Jake Waterworth 6th Jake Taylor
B/W 85:1st Jordan Eccles 2nd Jack Naylor 3rd Will Jeonney
4th Elliot Heap 5th Kenny Ryalls 6th Jack Nottingham
1st Daryl Wallace 2nd Macauley Madden 3rd Robbie Dowson
4th Josh Bentley 5th James Henderson 6th Ashton Dickinson
Adult A: 1st Jake Millward 2nd Patrick Major 3rd Ashley Smith
4th James Nottingham 5th Carl Benjamin 6th Peter Eccles
Adult B: 1st Craig Maddock 2nd Mark Trow 3rd Will Stafford
4th Aaron Woodall 5th Carl Barker 6th Mark Flint
Adult C: 1st Spencer Commons 2nd Tony Ross 3rd Sam Hirst
4th Andy Hall 5th Mike Prady 6th Cameron Gunn


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