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Successful Pre-Season Training for Swedish Xtreme Academy

Successful Pre-Season Training for Swedish Xtreme Academy

Lewis Lloyd

This weekend marked the start of the race season for Honda Xtreme Academy riders in Sweden, as they enjoyed a specialist training camp with expert instructors to get them ahead of the game prior to the first round of the championship.

The two-day camp was held at the Swedish MX Academy headquarters in Tibro, some 100 miles from Gothenburg, which boasts a range of facilities tailored to the motocrosss student’s needs. The young riders were given tutor-led talks on both of the days with regards to a range of points including goal setting, race planning and fitness.

After a healthy lunch the youngsters then headed over to the gym hall when they were taught a number of intensive cardio based exercises, which were all demonstrated by the federation trainers and former riders, Magnus Hultberg and Espen Blikstad.

Meanwhile parents visited the local Honda dealer, one of the largest in Sweden, for a tutorial in basic bike maintenance to ensure their CRF150R’s continue to run sweet all season. The instructors ran through changing tyres, checking valve clearances, changing a piston and other basic points to care for their young riders’ race machines.

Day two saw riders and parents have a morning lecture in race planning, which encourages them to work together on a season-long race strategy. The afternoon session incorporated more fitness training with the youngsters undergoing a sample fitness test and being given ideas for a programme to follow ahead of the first race, which isn’t until June this year.

“It’s a great idea that Honda Sweden have put in place this year for the Xtreme Academy riders to begin their race preparation for this season,” said Honda Racing Xtreme Academy Coordinator, Jenni Dick.

“The youngsters have had some classroom based lessons on the different aspects of nutrition, training and rest, which is incredibly important for them to improve to grow as riders. The whole two-days were led by the Swedish federation’s trainers, who work with the top Swedish riders at a specialist school facility in Tibro. The riders were taught a number of low-cost training techniques, especially while there is still a lot of snow here in Sweden making it difficult to get in much ride time. The parents were also there too learn, and were given a lesson in basic bike maintenance, which ensures that the CRF150R will continue to run well throughout the season. It was a really well-organised, enjoyable event, which I’m sure will be hugely beneficial to help our Xtreme Academy racers be successful this season,” concluded Jenni.

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