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Hungry For The Action - EKSSC Report from Lamberhurst

Hungry For The Action - EKSSC Report from Lamberhurst

It was a long time coming and after weeks of torrential rain, which has affected many in the motocross world. The glorious sun shine finally appeared! The hazy sun shone down on the Lamberhurst track as EKSSC held Rd 9 of their summer championship. It was hard to believe that when the club run there earlier in the season; they had to abandon their race meeting because of the appalling weather. (Which many won’t forget) With not a drop of rain in sight, this race meeting told a different story; as the riders who were hungry for some long awaited action all pulled out some spectacular racing, in every group.

The revving of the bikes in the Open group could be heard as they waited for the gates to drop to kick off the action. Tony Cuddy’s speed and grace gave him an overall win. But in the second block he was lucky to stay in the saddle after a wobble off the starting line, down the straight and into the first bend. Some fantastic challenges were to be had and the front pack was just one of many as Brett Fisher and Luke Lewis went head to head for the remaining places on the podium. Consistency in the middle pack put Jody Barnes inside the top ten.

There were some gutsy moves being taken in the Amx group, which were electrifying to watch to say the least, as the top spot could have been anybody’s for the taking. John Eaton’s Honda machine claimed him a win in the first block with Jamie Austin-Carter and Piers Skinner taking a win each in the remaining blocks. The trio continued their fearsome battle right to the very end with Austin-Carter claiming the group overall with Eaton and Skinner joining him in second and third on the podium.

The rhythm section caught a few of the Senior riders out in the second block, which had to be re-started. But that didn’t stop Ben Franklin and Dan Guy, getting down to business, as they were both hungry for the overall win. It was Franklin who took it, with Guy taking second. And what an entertaining race it was between the two guys. Connor Dennis took to the podium too in third overall with his 2-4-3 confirming the position. Jack Norman, who has been carrying an injury most of the season, rode brilliantly to finish fifth overall.

Nathan Turner-Whittle claimed the hole shot prize in spectacular style as his attempt to take the lead, going round the outside into the first bend paid off. But his race win didn’t come until the final block. After a very feisty battle between Callum Heasman, Turner-Whittle and Aaron Ongley; it was Heasman who was victorious as he took the group overall with the lads following through in overall second and third. The remaining top six, Tyler Keily, Billy Stevens and Aaron Pilcher put in a gutsy ride, to take their well-earned overall positions too.

Tom Lockhart, Ethan Winchester and Tom Borrett went head to head in the SWs as they took to the track. Both Lockhart and Borrett took a mixture of finishes, as Winchester took two wins out of three for the overall. Second overall was Lockhart’s after his win in race two gave him the advantage over Borrett, who put in such a gutsy ride. Reece Poxon is gradually moving up the field and is growing in confidence too.

The standard of racing had been exceptional and the Junior and Auto riders were no exception as they proved to be as quick around the Lamberhurst track as the bigger bikes. Ashley Surridge and Ike Carter were setting the pace in the Junior group, as they played a game of cat and mouse for the all-important overall win. Surridge claimed the position with his three straight wins, with Carter taking a superb second overall. Jake Sinden was just as quick and his 4-3-3 finishes secured third overall. Harry Preston has come a long way this season and rode superbly as he kept up with the top pack.

Harvey Fagg showed no fear in the Auto group as he made a superb move around the first bend to claim him his first ever hole shot. Jake Swann ruled the group as he stayed out in front to take all three wins. Both Alfie Card and Raife Broadley worked hard and kept their upbeat pace going to take second and third overall. Visiting rider Harrison Borg was up for the chase once again and seems to like returning back to the club looking for some all-important action.

Reported By Tracey Whittam
Images by Ann Cooper
Open – 1 Tony Cuddy, 2 Brett Fisher, 3 Luke Lewis, 4 Frankie Bennett, 5 Craig Bliss, 6 Ben Crane
Amx – 1 Jamie Austin-Carter, 2 John Eaton, 3 Piers Skinner, 4 Rowan Hill, 5 Adam Cooper, 6 Scott Finch
Senior – 1 Ben Franklin, 2 Dan Guy, 3 Connor Dennis, 4 Steven Robinson, 5 Jack Norman, 6 Joe Borrett
BW – 1 Callum Heasman, 2 Nathan Turner-Whittle, 3 Aaron Ongley, 4 Tyler Keily, 5 Billy Stevens, 6 Aaron Pilcher
SW – 1 Ethan Winchester, 2 Tom Lockhart, 3 Tom Borrett, 4 Sam Ongley, 5 Michael Eggett, 6 Luke Horley
Jnr – 1 Ashley Surridge, 2 Ike Carter, 3 Jake Sinden, 4 Billy Carter, 5 Harry Preston, 6 Leon Ongley
Auto – 1 Jake Swann, 2 Alfie Card, 3 Raife Broadley, 4 Harrison Borg, 5 Harvey Fagg, 6 Tom Ovenden


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