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Good track conditions greet YMSA Championship at Finningley

Good track conditions greet YMSA Championship at Finningley

With all the recent rain, the YMSA were doubted that the meeting would be running this weekend but the track was inspected and was found to be in remarkable condition! Over 150 riders travelled to Sherwood for the 8th round of the YMSA championship.

Ben Clark started the day off for the Auto riders as he took the first win of the day, followed by Kieran Danby and Oliver Foxon. Oliver Woods went straight into the lead in race two and held the top spot for a couple of laps but was soon overtaken by Ben. Kieran Austin and Finn O’Malley pushed through to take second and third. The top four riders didn’t shift in race three, leaving Ben with first overall, Kieran Austin with second and Kieran Danby with third.

Lewis Hall stormed all three Junior races today, leaving the other riders in his class behind! Harvey Ward fought hard for his second place finish in race one, followed by Eddie Wade. Danny Clarke led the first lap in race two but was soon knocked back to take third by Buster Hart. Danny managed to keep hold of second position in race three right up to last lap where Eddie Wade swooped round to take second.

Daniel Shepherd was the clear winner in the Small Wheel class right from the moment when the gate dropped in race one. However, Jake Taylor gave his all in every race to be rewarded with second overall. Ben Burridge succeeded to take the trophy for third overall.

The Big Wheel rider Gradie Featherstone pulled through to take the lead in race one but then bike problems meant that he did not finish the next two races. The race leader changed in race two as Will Keogh took the chequered flag, with Jack Naylor taking his second 2nd place finish, followed by Kenny Ryalls. Jack’s hard work paid off in race three as he took the win, securing first overall.

Macauley Madden dominated the Senior class once again, as all three race wins secured him the overall win. Dan Whitehead was showing giving a gutsy performance in all races, starting off in the top three but gradually moved down the pack. Race one saw Kurtis Williams and Josh Bentley battling behind Macauley but Kurtis pipped him to the chequered flag to take second. Roles were reversed in race two as Josh finished in second. The battle was on in race three for who would take second overall. Josh just could not get ahead of Kurtis, allowing Kurtis to take second overall.

Day member James Lassu was on top form as he rode to victory in the Adult A class. Lassu powered round the track at the front of the pack in races one and two, trying to keep James Nottingham off his back. However in race three, Nottingham took an early lead only to lose out to Lassu on the last lap. Lassu finished with maximum points, taking first overall. James Nottingham finishes in second with Thomas Batty in third.

Race one for the Adult B class saw Ashley Horsnall advance through the pack to take the win, James Mycock and Paul Keates came in behind. Will Stafford came had a gust of power for the next two races as he lead the pack round the track. However, James’ second place finish consistency gave him enough points for first overall.

Andy Hall had a successful day with three out of three wins and he was very pleased with his result as he whooped across the finish line in every race. A mixed set of racing for the Adult C’s meant that the overall positions were left down to points. Sonny Lowther had the results 2-3-4 to finish in second overall. Third place overall went to Mark Burchell, who finished with the results 5-5-3.

1- Ben Clark 2- Kieran Austin 3- Kieran Danby 4 – Oliver Woods 5- Oliver Foxon 6- Keeton Cooper
1- Lewis Hall 2- Eddie Wade 3- Harvey Ward 4 – Danny Clarke 5- Buster Hart 6- Kurtis Griffiths
Small Wheels::
1- Daniel Shepherd 2- Jake Taylor 3- Ben Burridge 4 – Reece Madden 5- Luke Taylor 6- Benjamin Knight
Big Wheels:
1- Jack Naylor 2- Kenny Ryalls 3- Joe Jacques 4- Ashley Wheelhouse 5- Will Keogh 6- Jack Nottingham
1- Macauley Madden 2- Kurtis Williams 3- Josh Bentley 4 – Luke Atkinson 5- John Foster 6- Joe Trueman
Adult Open A’s:
1- James Lassu 2- James Nottingham 3- Thomas Batty 4- Ashley Smith 5- Lee Harrison 6- Cory Nemeth
Adult Open B’s:
1- James Mycock 2- Will Stafford 3- Paul Keates 4- Russ Gilluley 5- Shaun Woodham 6- Brad Dallison
Adult Open C’s:
1- Andy Hall 2- Sonny Lowther 3- Mark Burchell 4 – Tony Ross 5- Spencer Commons 6- Mike Prady


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