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GizMX Racing Team Race Report EASSC 8th Round

GizMX Racing Team Race Report EASSC 8th Round

Auto Race 1:
All auto’s off to a good start with Jordan grabbing the Holeshot followed by Harvey second and Carter around sixth. Jordan and Harvey drop back by the third corner, they both ride well and Jordan holds off Harvey to finish 3rd and 4th. Carter having some good battles makes his way up to a 5th place finish.

Auto Race 2:
Again the boys were on it out the gate seeing Harvey third, Jordan forth and Carter close behind round the first corner. Carter had a great race making some good passes on his charge towards the front pack and would cross the line in 4th. Jordan and Harvey were pushing each other throughout the race but with a last lap pass by Harvey he would just hold it to the line, coming home 2nd and Jordan 3rd.

Auto Race 3:
Pretty much the same storey in the last race, all auto’s in the front five round the first corner with Jordan getting another holeshot. Jordan and Harvey battling each other at every corner and Carter riding hard all the way to the flag to finish Jordan 3rd, Harvey 4th and Carter 5th.

Auto Results:
Jordan Gull 2nd
Harvey Isborne 3rd
Carter Howlett 5th

Junior Race 1:
Big thanks to the Anderson’s for lending Brandon a bike after his gearbox broke on his bike the day before at Wild Trax.
Brandon almost flipped the unfamiliar bike out the gate but kept hold of it and rode really well to finish 9th. Travis got off to a great start seeing him up the front of the pack round the first corner but a crash in the third corner took some time to recover from. Travis did remount though and rode to cross the line in 12th.

Junior Race 2:
Brandon stalls it as the gate drops, Travis get a good mid pack start. Brandon gets the bike going and pushes to try catch the back of the pack and would hold I together to finish 11th. Travis rode a good race with some smooth riding to finish 12th.

Junior Race 3:
This time both boys got out the gate and round the corner with the pack. A crash for Brandon a few laps in would see him drop a few places but again would dig deep and ride well to finish 10th. Travis was having a great race until a last lap crash would lose him a few places and see him finish 11th.

Junior Results:
Brandon Stock 10th
Travis Field 11th

AMX Race 1:
Sean and James got off to a good start with Sean forth and James fifth round the first corner, James would quickly move forward to third and chase the front two until arm pump on the last two laps would see him let off and finish 4th. Sean had a good ride on his new Honda and running a good pace to finish 5th.

AMX Race 2:
Again both riders off to good starts with them in top five round first corner, James moves up to third and puts on a charge. Sean sitting in forth follows James looking for an opening to make a move but slowly James pulls away. Sean, feeling tired with a few laps to go would lose a position but on the last lap the leader’s chain snaps moving both riders up a position to finish James 2nd and Sean 4th.

AMX Race 3:
To put a good end to a good day again the boys were up there round the first corner, Sean in second and James forth. Much like in the first two races James puts on a charge and moves forward, taking first until a crash on the second lap drops him back to third. Sean really liking his new bike has a great race and holds 4th at the line. James would battle with second throughout the race but settles for 3rd as his passes the flag.

AMX Results:
James Nestor 2nd
Sean Bardwell 3rd


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