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GizMX Racing Team Race Report EASSC 6th Round

GizMX Racing Team Race Report EASSC 6th Round

Riders Out-
Auto Rider: Brandon Stock – Bike Problems
Junior Rider: Travis Field – Personal Matters
AMX Rider: James Nestor – Bike Problems
AMX Rider: Sean Bardwell – Bike Problems

Auto Race 1:
All three autos got off to a good start, Jordan would have bike problems by the second lap and although slowly losing positions he would nurse the bike across the line in 10th. Harvey pushed and pushed to a 3rd while Carter riding strong would finish 6th.

Auto Race 2:
Thinking the bike problem is fixed, Jordan would line up again. Again all the boys with good starts, on the third lap while pushing forward Harvey span out and couldn’t get his bike started for some time. Harvey managed to rejoin the race and move back up the pack to finish 7th. Carter having some good battles moving forward crossed the line 9th. Jordan was running a good pace for first two laps but the bike problems started again, luckily he was far enough out front to keep his position and finished 3rd.

Auto Race 3:
Jordan now moving to his spare bike got off to a good start and a good pace all moto would grant him 2nd.Carter with a good start and solid ride would make some great passes to move up to 6th while Harvey got a bad start and while trying to move up the pack would spin out again but rejoin to finish 10th.

Auto Results:
Jordan Gull 3rd
Harvey Isborne 6th
Carter Howlett 8th


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