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Dan the man on the mend

Dan the man on the mend

Hi everyone, I hope you guys are still reading my columns, not very exciting at the moment due to the fact that nothing seems to have happened for me either. Just when I thought things were getting better, I picked up a knee injury, as you probably no from my last blog after Brampton. Have been riding locally to try and get my confidence and fitness back, as I have been very low and my knee is still giving me problems, as is my fitness.

I don’t want to keep going on and boring you with the bad, but it just seems that nothing good is appearing even the training day Mark put on at Mildenhall. I had to miss due to exams at school for next years sets, and I am keen to stay in the top groups having missed quite a lot of school this year already through injuries.

We sat down and talked about the trip to Leuchers and decided that my speed and fitness wasn’t strong enough to be riding at that level, as I want to get my knee right this time. Anyway that’s enough of boring old me for the moment and I wish all the best to my fellow academy riders and hope you get back soon Sam!!!

A massive thanks to Mark, Roy and all at the ACU hope to get back to prove myself soon, it seems like its been a life time but I hope I can make it happen.

P.S ~ a big thanks to all my sponsors for sticking with me, especially Frampton Damproofers and MX Zone.


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