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Crash testing for Games

Crash testing for Games

Its been a while since I last wrote on here! Not a lot really been going on, well results wise anyway! Unfortunately I cant seem to stay upright on the bike at the moment! Dad keeps telling me he’s going to have to get sponsors stickers and put them on the bottom of my boots cos I spend most of my time upside down.

Couple weeks ago now I raced at the BYMX way up in leuchars in scotland. Boy didn’t that journey yp there take forever, it took us 10 hours dirive to get there, fair play drivin really sucks! Its got to be the worse bit about motorcross. Qualiyfing went ok for me! Ended up 4th on the gate which was a good as start was fair. I got out the gate reall well an was running in 3rd until I made a mistake and dropped the bike, I was running in 6th an my clutch stopped working then the bike started smokin and slowed right down, the boot wasn’t on the carb properly and the bike sucked in a load of sand and ruined the barrel which has cosr a fortune to repair. I finished in the 24th. 2nd moto I got a real good start again and quickly got into the lead. I lead the race for 2/3 laps until I crashed big time!!! I learnt one thing from this crash… I bounce! But I gotta admit this crash hurts! I finished in 12th. 3rd race I got another good start, my starts seem to be pretty good lately, I finished 4th.


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