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Cornwall Schoolboy Scramble Club Race Report and Gallery

Cornwall Schoolboy Scramble Club Race Report and Gallery

After days worth of heavy rain causing flood’s in many areas of the country,It was no surprise that each day closer to the weekend a different motocross event was cancelled.Nearly all events in the south west area was cancelled, But Cornwall schoolboy scramble clubs, club championship round,combined with the cornwall and Devon GT trophy series final was still going ahead!
With all the other race meetings being cancelled,A bumper entry including some of the south west’s biggest names in motocross arrived to the famous Landrake moto park on the 15th July.And to all riders surprise tip top dry conditions was seen on all parts of the track! And by lunch time the dust was flying!!

The Open classed competitors were the first riders to hit the track for practice, After a two minute silence took place in memory of Young club rider and motocross champion, Bill Gribble number 12,Who was taken from us a year ago after a hard thought battle against cancer.
After all other race divisions completed there qualifying laps.The open riders took to the gates for the opening moto of the day.The gates fell to the dirt,And seconds after Luke Hill claimed the holeshot with early advantages!
Running second in the series Sam Chapman had a decent start around fifth abroad his Rapid Honda CR500.
Luke Hill as ever was holding a strong form out front with close company from visiting rider Matt Thomas,Whilst Luke’s team mate,Leighton Holmes,was holding third doing well for the HPR race team keeping Chapman at Bay.
Whilst the Race was commencing the sun began to shine brighter as Matt Thomas was pushing the limits to his 250 2 stroke to catch Hill.
Cornwall club Rider Bradley Maddever was seen putting in solid laps continuously from gate to flag.
Whilst 450F riders Andy Wills and Wayne Slater,were both showing decent times.
Luke Hill wheelies his way to securing the opening moto win,Followed by Matt Thomas,Tom Harvey,Antony Millar,And Sam Chapman.
Whilst good rides secured Robert Jago a solid Nineteenth.
Second open moto saw first race runner up,Matt Thomas fly up the start straight to take the holeshot ahead of Luke Hill.
Some fast and professionall styled riding was being displayed by the fast open riders.
Lap 4 Saw Luke Hill fall of the pace later retiring with an unfortunate puncture.
Leighton Holmes was having a fantastic performance holding a solid second place,Behind holeshotter Matt Thomas,With the rapid two stroke 500 Holding Chapman in third.
Matt Thomas claimed victory! with Leighton Holmes securing second ahead of,Sam Chapman, Consistent Tom Harvey And local rider Jamie Paget.Battling strong mid pack lap after lap,Scott Briscoe was awarded seventeenth after his efforts.Whilst Mitch Dyer smashed it to a strong Twenty fifth.
The final open race was the opening race for the final block of racing, and the raceing continued to be fast,Fearless,and real entertaining.Once again Tom Harvey,Luke Hill,Matt Thomas,Leighton Holmes and Sam Chapman were competing hard at the front of the pack.The flag flew for Luke Hill who came back on max form after his unfortunate puncture. Matt Thomas had another outstanding ride,keeping Luke Hill in check threw out the day taking another second spot claiming him overall victory Honours!
Leighton Holmes secured another strong amount of points takeing third once more. With Tom Harvey getting the better of Sam Chapman.Whilst Bradley Maddever performed solidly rewarding himself with sixth spot taking him to fifth overall.
Shane Samson had three solid races claiming sixth overall.Whilst moto three winner Luke hill took a great eighth despite his DNF.

A near full line up of Amx riders attended the meeting,Tommy Alba came top of the ranks at the end of the qualifying practice less than a minute quicker than 125 screamer,Lee Skinner. The Gates dropped and the Oakleaf Kawasaki of Tommy Alba claimed the opening race holeshot. Young Motocross Star Alba displayed his talents right from the drop of the gates checking away from the other top riders. Lee Skinner was on great form abroad the honda CR125 with Ryan Blee on great form on his Kawsaki 250.Club rider Liam Curtis Stevens was showing himself to be on old form back on a kawasaki 250F machine. Whilst Tommy Alba started passing the back marker’s by the third lap! Some fantastic racing continued within the pack from all competitors as the track started Rut up,The flag later flew for young gun,Tommy Alba taking the opening moto race win,Ahead of Lee Skinner,Ryan Blee,Harry Mitchell,Liam Curtis Stevens,And Local lad James Williams. Whilst furthur down the field Philip Blache secured a more than deserving twenty-seventh spot.
Second AMX moto saw some great racing being displayed by all riders.Some bad luck was seen Hit front runner Lee Skinner,seeing him over the side of one of the tracks berms stuck in fencing pushing him a lap down on the pack. Jordan Gosling was riding to a great standard within the moto abroad his YZ125. Tommy Alba was seen showing his motocross class,Absouloutly demonating the competition Going on to take victory for a second time! Ryan Blee was riding fantastically! pushing his own limits to the max from gate to flag securing second spot getting the better of Consistent Harry Mitchell and Liam Curtis Stevens.
Chester Blair came fifth after riding well on every element of the track,Keeping Hawkins Motors,Johnny Hawkins in sixth.
After seriouse bad luck,Lee Skinner eventually got his Honda out the fence and Smashed back to eleventh place at the flag,Whilst Ben Ridgers had all his efforts credited with a brilliant eighteenth.
The riders were soon lineing up for their final race of the day. Tommy Alba smashed out the gates takeing the race holeshot,Whilst Mark Calcutt was last to get away.
Tommy Alba was once again seen stamping his motocross Authority within the class,Leaving evan his closest Competitors just tracks to follow!
In the later stages of the Moto Alba was seen Almost half a lap ahead of second placed,Lee Skinner.Ryan Blee was having another fantastic ride up in the top three. Tommy Alba took all three moto wins securing overall victory. Ryan Blee took third in the final race securing him second overall. A fourth final result was enough to bag third overall For consisitent Harry Mitchell.Despite hanging in a fence for a lap! Lee Skinner claimed fourth overall,Ahead of fifth and sixth,Liam Curtis Stevens and James Williams.

Qualifying Fastest for the Seniors devision was Landrake lover,Toby Harvey who lined up to the gates with confidence for the seniors opening moto!
The Gates dropped and Toby Harvey claimed the race holeshot being the first rider to fly over the small table top! With Opie Oil’s Ktm 2 stroke rider Dean Symons hot on his heals,with Jack Gribble in check. Josh Taylor had an incident at the recent Patchquick Trophy event Seeing him attend the meeting with an injured Shoulder,But Josh grabbed a great start to the moto holding fourth! Josh was riding on good form Fighting through the pain and in later stages of the race was battling up front with leader Ben Samson whilst passing through the back markers.Jordan Muscato was seen picking up the places after having a poor start seeing him start from the back. Ktm competitor Korey Kidd was having a good ride riding very front end happy over the tracks main table top in good style. The flag was flying for Victorious Ben Samson. Josh Taylor had a brilliant ride despite injury and took second spot.Third place was claimed by top 2 stroker Dean Symons. Fastest qualifyer Toby Harvey had a perfect start and went on to take fourth ahead of fifth placed,Jack Stevens.Whilst a good ride saw Wayne Northam take twenty seventh.Second moto of the day was underway with Ben Samson flying the Honda CRF250 out front being hunted down By club rider,Jack Gribble. As the Pair fought for the race lead Josh Taylor found himself take over the lead as the last lap flag flew.Just seconds seperated the front Runners at the flag! As Josh Taylor took the race win just a bike length ahead of Ben Samson,Shortly followed respectively By Jack Gribble who was sure to have been dissapointed with his fall in the closeing stages.
The final race of the day took place with Josh Taylor claiming the race holeshot! Jack Stevens was riding better holding his own in third sport. Josh Taylor was riding Happy out front on good form. Whilst after battling together, Jack Gribble gets the edge over Toby Harvey on the fourth lap of the moto.Will Hawkins was seen performing well shineing in the top ten. Whilst at the front of the pack The lead saw A change after Ben Samson took a successful pass over a step off jump.Samson took the final race win claiming overall Victory! Riding through pain Josh Taylor smashed it to a brilliant second placed Ahead of consistent Jack Stevens in third. Getting back to old form,Jack gribble claimed fourth overall. Whilst Toby Harvey took fifth place ahead of 2 stroker Dean Symons in sixth! Three strong rides and masses of effort saw Sam Fogarty credited with a solid Twenty sixth overall.

The older youth riders of the Big wheel 85cc were seen revved up behind the start gates with high-anticipations for the opening moto,National class rider,Josh Gilbert shredded the landrake start straight to claim the race holeshot. Zac Hudson was riding strong being the 2 stroke rider,Holding a solid sixth spot. Stylish Honda rider Joe Clayton was riding on good form helping him to make a succesful pass on usual front runner Jack Roberts. Holeshotter Josh Gilbert showed his class taking first in the opening moto. Joe Clayton had a solid ride and Kept Jack Roberts behind,In second and third.Whilst Alex Barter claimed fourth ahead of Joe Eiffert. Tom Clinnick claimed a great sixteenth.The second moto of the day saw Josh Gilbert grab another race holeshot.Once again Josh Gilbert Led the pack from start with his closest rivalry comeing from strong rideing,Joe Clayton.Joe Eiffert was riding stronger to the previouse moto running well in the top six. Josh Gilbert took victory at the flag,As Joe Clayton claimed second deservingly ahead of , Alex Barter , Joe Eiffert ,George Rowson and Dayfydd Billingham. Whilst mid pack runner Jak Ford claimed a brilliant fifteenth spot.The final Big wheel 85cc devision race saw more solid action with the front runners being,Josh Gilbert,George Rowson,Joe Eiffert,Joe Clayton,Alex Barter and ever improving Zac Hudson.
Josh Gilbert took overall Victory with three dominating race wins. Joe Clayton showed some classy style abroad his honda race machine Crediting him with second overall.Two thirds and a fourth,was enough to grab Alex Barter a brilliant third place result ahead of fourth placed,Joe Eiffert.George Rowson raced consistently well from gate to flag in all three moto’s taking fifth overall. Whilst club rider Zac Hudson abroad the Kawasaki claimed sixth overall.

Small wheel 85cc classed racing took off with Jake Curtis Stevens taking the opening race holeshot. Brendan Cooper also grabbed a great start abroad the honda 150. With little Aidan Williams in a strong third. As Jake and Brendan fight between them selves, the pair drop back passing the lead over to Aidan Williams with Kieran Yorke in check. Kieran Yorke was riding strong but fell down around the back of the start gates. Whilst Jake Curtis Stevens and Brendan cooper are back hunting for the lead. by the end of a later lap Jake Curtis Stevens was back in Charge in the lead.Whilst Brandon Baker was on good form in mid pack. The final stages of the race saw Brendan Cooper Have a big off luckily escapeing injurys. Alfie Crocker and Dan Roberts was having a real race of there own with nither rider giving an inch,Pushing each others limits to an all time high! Jake Curtis Stevens claimed the race win at the close of the race. Whilst the battle beetween Alfie Crocker and Dan Roberts was took to the flag with Alfie comeing on top! Takeing a much deserved seventh!
Action packed racing was took into the other two Small wheel division races,Again the front running riders consisted of race one winner Jake Curtis Stevens,As well as part time leaders,Aidan Williams and Brendan Cooper. The flag flew for the second race finish This time with The Honda 150 taking Brendan Cooper to victory. Race one winner Jake Curtis Stevens claimed second placed.Whilst Little Aidan smashed it to take a third after another solid ride. Jack Booker improved his riding crediting him with a solid fourth place,Ahead of Kieran Yorke and Callum Gordon. The final race of the day Saw Race one and Two winners,Jake And Brendan back out front fighting for the overall. Jake Curtis Stevens put in a solid performance taking first overall!,Brendan took second place in the final moto securing a solid fourth overall,A fantastic weekends rideing was had by him excempt his tumble that dropped him down the ranks. Aidan Williams claimed runner up honours. Jack Booker has three good ride’s taking third overall. Kieran Yorke claimed fifth ahead of Sixth overall,Todd Sawyer.

The Auto and Junior 65cc competitors battled together for the day,The opening race was underway with Tyler Rowe claiming the race holeshot,But the race was red re started shortly after being red flagged.The race was re started and Tyler Rowe again grabbed a perfect start. Ryan Mundell had a great start also.The early stages of the race saw Sam Hunt come off on the tracks double whilst Jason Down charges after Tyler in national paced style Tyler Was on great form pulling a grab later on in the race with great rythem. Louie Kessel was flat out near everywhere abroad the automatic machine,Whilst Sam Hunt started to pick up the points after falling down the ranks after his fall. Tyler Rowe took the race win for the sixty five riders ahead of Ryan Mundell,Jason Down, Sam Hunt,Tom Darlow,And Lewis Wiltshire. Whilst Louie Kessel came top of the Fiftys followed by Harvey James,Dylan Cadwallander,Connor Jago,Vinnie Guthrie and Jake Pascoe.
The gates dropped for the second moto of the day with Little automatic rider number 15,Harvey James claiming an outstanding holeshot cutting across sixty five competitor Ryan Mundell. Ryan Mundell was performing well out front whilst in lap four auto rider,Louie Kessel went missing. Tyler up’d his game on the closeing stages of the race and was seen to be pulling in Ryan Mundell who went on to take the moto two race win Leaving Tyler respectively securing second ahead of, Great riding Sam Hunt,Consistent Jason Down closely followed by, Tom Darlow and Callum Watson.After massis of comitement in his riding,Harvey James claimed the auto race win ahead of , Vinnie Guthrie,Louie Kessell,Connor Jago,Dylan Cadwallander,And great riding,Jake Pascoe.
The final auto and sixty five race was soon underway with Ryan Mundell ,and Younger Harvey James both getting perfect starts!
After claiming one race win each,All was to race for beetween sixty five riders Ryan Mundell And Tyler Rowe,Both in competition for the meetings overall victory,This made some fantastic action as the pair battled to the flag with nither rider backing off! The final lap saw Ryan And Tyler side by side comeing towards the tracks Main table top, Tyler Rowe grabbed loads of Grip and flew over the landrake table top making a pass on usual table top Flyer Ryan Mundell. Tyler Rowe came on top of the fight taking overall sixty five glory ahead of Ryan Mundell in respectable second. Sam Hunt had another strong ride and despite an unfortunate fall in the mornings events, Sam Grabbed a brilliant third place,a great result for the Opie Oil’s backed rider. Jason Down took a fourth in the final moto securing fourth overall ahead of Tom Darlow,And Callum Watson who secured fifth and sixth. Young Louie Kessell grabbed the final moto win in the automatic division securing first overall. race two Holeshot shocker, Harvey James performed well all day long crediting himself with a brilliant second overall. Vinnie Guthrie grabbed third after three solid results.

Written By: Charlene Vernon
Photos By:Mervyn Vernon & Charlene Vernon

















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