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When you went down in the first corner at the
MXDN did you feel bad that you let your country
down or was you just too beaten up to know what
was going on? I though you did us proud on your
second outing. I heard you split your skidlid in
that first moto crash, is that true? – Paul Dyer

I was a bit beaten up yeah, but it was just a racing
crash, it wasn’t my fault. I went down and there was
nothing I could have done about it so there was no
point beating myself up over it. I was disappointed
for myself as much as you guys. I just went out and
gave it my best shot in the second race, that’s all I
could do after that. I was a little dazed but I did what
I could. Yeah in the crash my helmet did get a bit
beat up but that’s what it’s there for! It looked trick
as well. —Tommy


How difficult do you think it will be adapting to
a new team? It looks like the Molson team has
a good family vibe to it, do you think you’ll miss
that at KTM? – Justin Whitbred

I don’t think its going to be hard at all. I’ve had a
few meetings with my new team and everything has
been great so far. I’m just really looking forward to
getting to the races with KTM, there’s no time to look
back, but I do think I will miss the Molson crew too.
They have been good to me and we have worked
well together so that will be different, I’ll call in and
catch up with them at the races, they’ve helped me
progress to where I’m am now and I’m thankful to
them for that. —Tommy


First Jamie Dobb as your manager and now the
real greatest of all time, Stefan Everts as your
race team manager and the power of the KTM
factory around you. Could it be better? How do
you feel about your future now the next two years
are mapped out? – Clare Knaggs, Middlesbrough

Its cool to have all these guys around me to give me
advise and make sure I’m going in the right direction,
I think that is really important in any professional sport
if you are going to get somewhere these days. Oh
and also the factory bikes too! So i couldn’t really
ask for anything more right now. I’m happy how
everything has worked out and I’m looking forward to
the next couple of years with them. We’ll see where
I’m at then, I’ve got two years with KTM and I’m
going to give it everything I have. —Tommy


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