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Renthal Fat Bars

Renthal Fat Bars


When Pro Taper first introduced these non crossbar handlebars they were the coolest things. Bradshaw’s Yamaha looked awesome with them on – funny how you still don’t see many riders using this style bar though. The Carmichael bend shown here have only the one feature on them you need to here about, and that’s the Renthal logo. It’s no coincidence that all the major MX motorcycle manufacturers use the brand on their bikes as stock. I don’t think there’s a distinct advantage with the Fat Bar for MX, maybe they help reduce arm pump, then again being fit enough to race will solve that. Perhaps they’re a bit better for the freestyle boys to get their feet over or to use as a seat for landings. It wouldn’t make an ounce of difference for my freestyle moves, I’d still end up with the bar ends piercing me a new ringer. —Jeff.


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