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QuickGrip System from Factory One Racing

QuickGrip System from Factory One Racing

The QuickGrip system is a clamp-on handlebar grip system which allows grips to be quickly and securely fitted to your bike. The grips are constructed from rubber bonded to alloy tubes so the grips cannot slip and require no gluing or wiring on.

The design allows grips to be swapped in under 30 seconds so you can even switch grips to suit the track conditions – the system includes both regular and extreme conditions grips and a wider range of grip designs are coming in 2008.

Because of their rubber/alloy construction QuickGrips are more durable than normal grips and last much longer, and as they replace the plastic tube and rotor in your throttle you effectively have an alloy throttle tube.

Quickgrips are available for most makes and models of bike (2-stroke and 4-stroke), and in a wide range of colour combinations to suit any bike.

The QuickGrip system contains everything you need including two sets of grips, an alloy throttle rotor and clutch-side clamp, our innovative Thumb Savers and Mud Strippers, and more.
The complete system costs £99.95 and replacement grips are £19.95 per pair, available only from


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