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Tarah Gieger butt naked and riding her dirt bike

Tarah Gieger butt naked and riding her dirt bike

Yes you read that right – the sweet and very fast Tarah Gieger completely butt naked riding her dirt bike for the new ESPN “Bodies we want” magazine shoot.

We had to look twice in fact 3 or 4 times because at first look the images look a little weird but the hey ho. The boys and the girls in the office are split on her look, some are saying she looks great others are saying she looks too muscular – what do you guys think?

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  1. Karen

    Think she looks muscular but as she says she feels confident so fair play to her, I wouldn’t get my body out nooo way, go girl

  2. Shea

    Too manly. Cue allegations of being transgendered because we all know some piece of shit will say that soon enough.

  3. Dan J

    She looks so smokin. Look at her beautiful smile! Ridin bikes makes you strong especially if your training to race. I could live with it. Especially if we spent time racing. I’d be so down. What a babe.


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