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High Fives with FMX legend Edgar Torronteras

High Fives with FMX legend Edgar Torronteras

High Fives with FMX legend Edgar Torronteras

A genuine, bona fide legend of Freestyle Motocross, 32-year-old Spaniard Edgar Torronteras has been competing at the very top of the sport since its very early days back in the late ’90s.

With just over two weeks to go until ET does his stuff at the opening round of the Arenacross tour at The O2 on January 12, we caught up with the man who’s packing what’s quite probably the best whip in the world…

AX: Edgar, you’re widely regarded as the first European Freestyle Motocross star – how does it feel to still be going strong in a sport you’ve been involved in from the very beginning?
ET: “Yes, I was one of the first to do crazy jumps during jump contests early on. For me it’s an honour to still be in the top level of today’s FMX – let me tell you that costs a lot of effort but it’s my passion so really easy for me!”

AX: Looking back to the early days, can you believe how far the sport of FMX has progressed?
ET: “Yes, it’s pretty crazy. Nowadays the level is so high and a lot of young talented riders are coming up.”

AX: Do you feel as though you are still improving?
ET: “Of course, I’m trying to be at the top – that means that my flips need to improve all the time. I’m trying to not lose touch with the top guys’ level but it’s not easy, believe me…”

AX: What’s your favourite trick?
ET: “My crazy ET whip! I will show you in London – it’s pretty scary!”

AX: So talk us through your amazing ET whip technique…
ET: “The secret is to take off while sat down on the bike and go as high as possible, then just hit the handlebars to the bottom and close your eyes – pretty amazing even for me! Sometimes it’s like ‘ohhh, too much’ but I’ve always landed properly!”

AX: How much are you looking forward to coming to London?
ET: “The UK is always a country that I feel very comfortable in and, yes, I’m very happy to be there. My Monster family is there and I love to come and have fun with all of them, great people!”

AX: Who do you look up to in the world of FMX?
ET: “Well, for me it’s important to still be part of the best FMX contests like X-Games, Master of Dirt Tour, Monster events – remember the crowd want to have fun so ET needs to be there!”

AX: Having seen you in action on a number of occasions – jumping and beatboxing – it’s clear you love to ‘perform’…
ET: “I really need that connection with the people that I love. For me it’s really important to go crazy and show everybody that I’m one of the best FMX riders in the world and a great showman too. That way they leave the stadium even happier than when they came in.”

AX: How do you relax away from FMX?
ET: “Well, as we are traveling all the time I like to just stay at home with my wife, relax and have a good dinner with my friends, chilling…”


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