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Elliot Banks-Browne

Elliot Banks-Browne

Elliot Banks-BrowneThe sport of motocross has been pumped around this kid’s veins all his life, being part of the Banks family and having your dad as one of the top mechanics in the country, there is only one way it’s going to be, and that’s racing. Elliott Banks Brown will be competing in the British MX2 championship next year and at an early age has already had a taster of what’s to come after entering the last three rounds of this year’s championship. Keep an eye open for this one, he’s smooth and quick… and he’s spending best part of the winter at the Millsap’s training camp, watch out!

MOTO: Hi Elliott, how old are you and where are you from?

EBB: I’m 15 and from Suffolk near the Mildenhall circuit. I’ll be 16 in February.

What are you achievements so far?

I won the BSMA championship this year, I have won the most races in the BYMA, I only had two DNFs due to bike breakdowns this year, last year I finished 8th at the motocross GP in Ireland when the 85cc class was the support class, that was tough going with all the different lines the GP boys created and it was wet. I think the highlight would be winning the last BYMX at Desert Martin this year; I like it round there.

Your family has a large background in the sport, tell us about that?

My granddad (John Banks) won the British Championship four times and finished second in the world, Mark Banks is my uncle and he was British champion too. We have quite a bit of history in the sport.

I take it you have been going to the races all your life, did you ever remember watching Mark race?

You know I have been going to races all my life, but I can’t remember watching Mark race, I know I probably did, I have seen video tapes of the old days though so I have seen what he was like.

How much does Mark help you out with your racing?
Quite a lot to be honest, he pushes me real hard with my training, he’s been there before and knows what to expect.

What have you got planned for the remainder of the season up until the new starts next year?

I am going to race at the last round of the British MX2 championship at Matchams as my last real race meeting, then I will be going to America to train at the Millsap’s camp for two months in October and November and a bit of December, then I will back for Christmas before going to Spain to train with RWJ in February.

The deal is going to continue with RWJ for next year again then?

Yes, we will be on the Hondas again and I will be riding the 250F, I will be competing in the European and British Championships, also the under 21s. I’m not totally sure on my riding gear deals and all the rest of the support, I’m still waiting to see what I’m going to be in.

You have a few sand tracks situated around you, do you prefer to ride the sand?

I do like it I must admit but I really do like most terrains, I’ve been bought up on the sand so I am going to favour it. I probably struggle most in the mud when it’s real slippery. The British Championship track I rode at in Whitby was pretty tough going, it has well rutted up because of the soft soil and heavy rain. To ride the rut thing well you must really be confident and know where you are going to put the bike at the start of every straight. It was hard at the weekend. It really did feel like it was the deep end which was good too, because you get dragged along by the quicker guys, which will only improve my riding.

How do you train and what is your diet like?

I try and get to the gym three times a week, ride my push bike and try and go practising on the motocross bike twice a week, as for diet well I do eat well but I’m not that strict, I like to mix it about really, if you’re too good with your eating then sometimes you end up getting ill.

What are the worst parts about riding?

I think riding in the wet, it’s not the whole deal about not being able to ride it, it’s just the getting wet, I hate it when it rains, all your goggles get locked up, it’s just messy and the whole clear up operation that seems to go with it just sucks. I much prefer to be riding in the sun somewhere, preferably California!

How do you relax at a meeting?
I’m pretty laid back at meetings in general, I don’t have a set routine or anything, I just enjoy being there and chilling out, I’ll walk the track to get some extra lines but that is about it.

Which rider do you aspire to?

I know this is an easy one but it’s got to be Ricky Carmichael, just his dominance right now and he is on another level, his corner speed is pretty unique. I’d love to go riding with him just to see what I could pick up and learn from him. Don’t get me wrong, Bubba isn’t far behind, the championship will be interesting next year, there is another year under the belt and neither of them wants to lose.

What is the deal with school now?

I have left school now and have taken on home tuition, it gives me more time to ride.

What other interest do you have apart from motocross

Well it’s not a million miles away from motocross, I like to ride my BMX quite a lot, I ride my XR50 as much as possible, I take it up the jumps and try to learn little bits and pieces that’ll help my racing. I like to go and help dad at the workshop maintain my bikes during the week.

What is on your headphones?

I’m not a massive fan of music really, I suppose I like a wide variety of stuff but I prefer to watch videos of racing rather than listen to music, it’s good to learn while doing so.

A shout out?

Yes I’d like to thank everyone that has helped out, RWJ, 661, mum and dad and all my family really. They have all been there to support me, thanks.


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