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Maxxis British Motocross Championship

The ACU British Motocross Championship has established itself as one of the major domestic motocross series in the world. Since tyre manufacturer Maxxis became the title sponsor in 2004, the eight-round championship, which runs from March to September, has attracted not only the very best and talented British motocross riders but also a number of top-class international riders.

The Championship consists of four classes – the biggest bikes are in MX1, which is for two-stroke solo machines with an engine capacity of 175cc to 250cc or four-stroke machines with a capacity ranging from 251cc to 450cc. The 40 registered riders are carefully selected based on their previous year’s achievements, along with registered Grand Prix riders who have participated in World Championship events.

Elsewhere, there is the MX2 class for solo machines which can either be two-stroke with a 145cc capacity or four-stroke with a capacity of 175cc to 250cc, and the MXY2 class accommodating riders aged 14 to 17 years on solo machines either 100cc to 145cc two-stroke or 200cc to 250cc four-stroke. There is also a veterans class.

In 2012, the MX1 title was claimed by Belgian Kevin Strijbos, while the MX2 title went to Elliott Banks Browne. The following year, Banks Browne defended his MX2 crown, while Kristian Whatley took first place in the MX1 Championship. With two rounds to go in the 2014 season, Shaun Simpson has a big lead over his closest rival in MX1, while Latvian Matiss Karro is leading Mel Pocock in the MX2 standings.


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Maxxis British Motocross Championship